Skindeep With Arif Isikgun

Skindeep With Arif Isikgun

Posted by Alice Bradley | 3 January 2019 | Beauty, Magazine

With over a decade of experience in the world’s leading beauty platforms working in Miami, Canada, Paris and London. From LVMH to L’Oreal, Arif Isikgun is the Founder and CEO of Ai Beauty Consultancy.

From consulting famous faces to royalty, Arif has gained a wealth of knowledge in the beauty industry, helping to restore healthy skin to all his clients.

Having created global training platforms for international award winning beauty brands such as Huda Beauty and Hourglass Cosmetics to name a few, he has now taken his expertise to selected clientele.

With a clear innovation for being at the forefront of global beauty trends, Arif is able to completely tailor his knowledge of beauty and their ingredients and translate them to suit each specific clients’ needs.

Think of this service as finding your very own beauty maven best friend. The service offers up to a full 1.5-hour bespoke beauty consultation in person so that the client is able to go away with a routine using up to seven products.

After a welcoming greeting, Arif takes the time to get to know you more before diving straight into patch testing the skin. He focuses on profiling you and understanding more about your lifestyle and the products you already use and how they can affect the skin.

Arif explains: “It’s important to know what your expectations are for your skin after the consultation”

The next stage of the process focuses on testing the skin using a device connected to an iPad that will tell Arif your sensitivity levels, your hydration levels and your oil production levels which is then put together in a final analysis.

Arif revealed the results of my patch test, explaining that: “What we actually need to do is balance the skin by using the correct ingredients, but also by introducing oil to your skin.”

The latter part of the treatment aims to educate you properly on your skin and what different ingredients will do for the skin.

Arif asks inquisitively: “Did you know your skin has the same acidity level as a bowl of crushed tomatoes?”

By the end of the treatment, you will be given a brief analysis of your skin to take away with you.

Diamond Beauty Service – Makeup or Skincare – Full consultation 7 product recommendations, £295.

To book and general enquiries visit or call 07783057109.

Written by Alice Bradley

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