Valentine’s Hacks For Men

Valentine’s Hacks For Men

Posted by Mike Oldham | 13 February 2019 | Magazine, Wimbledon Gent

With less than 24hrs to go until Valentine’s Day, Mike Oldham has the last minute shoppers covered with his top picks…

Guys, you’re running out of time. There’s less than 24hrs to go until Valentine’s Day and you still don’t have anything for the Mrs!!

Don’t worry, it’s fine – you can just grab a cheap bouquet of flowers from Tesco on the way home. They have cards there for a £1 too, and if you’re feeling really romantic, I’m pretty sure they’ve still got boxes of Milk Tray on special offer.

Great, all sorted?


Look, we’ve all found ourselves in a tough spot the day before Valentine’s, but please don’t be that guy. It might be, but there are still plenty of things you can do to make your other half feel special… not to mention save you from looking like a plonker!

So here are my five Valentine’s Hacks for 2019 to help save your bacon this year….

1. GIN!

Graveney Gin | Image credit: Instagram @graveney_gin

A bottle of gin is always a winner. I read recently that England now has more distilleries than Scotland thanks to the boom in gin sales. So why not get her a bottle of organic, handcrafted gin like those at Graveney’s in Tooting. If you throw in some clementine flavoured Fevertree tonic, you’re on to a definite winner!


Brian Kirkby Flowers | Image credit: Instagram @briankirkbyflowers

Yes, I know it’s cliched and I know it might seem boring. But trust me – if you make the effort by going to the right florist, it’s worth it. Brian Kirkby florist in Wimbledon has bouquets starting from as little as £30 and that’s a snip if it gets you out of trouble! Just make sure you ask for some help getting what you want, and you won’t regret it.


Emma Bridgewater Tea Pot | Image credit: Instagram @emma_bridgewater

OK, you’re maybe a bit late to get a personalised version of one of Emma Bridgewater’s beautiful mugs but you can still grab some of her unique designs. Head down to Elys in Wimbledon and get your hands on some romantic mugs, or even a teapot – but just make sure it’s you getting out of bed to make the cuppa the next morning!


Big London Bake | Image credit: Instagram @thebiglondonbaketooting

Everyone loves doing something for Valentine’s Day, and there are so many options out there these days. Why not try the Big London Bake taking place in Tooting, where you get 90 minutes to whisk, roll and drizzle your way towards a winning bake? You can even do it as a couple, and they do gift vouchers. Failing that, you can find plenty of other awesome things to try at


Hotel du Vin Wimbledon | Image credit: Martijn Prins

There are tons of places you can go for a special lunch, dinner or perhaps even an afternoon tea. The wonderful Michelin-starred Chez Bruce in Wandsworth has a Valentine’s Day Special for £85 a head but is booking up quickly. Black Radish in Wimbledon Village also has a couple of different Valentine’s options available. Hotel du Vin Wimbledon have a Valentine’s menu with Champagne for £99. Or you can take a whizz through Lady Wimbledon’s Instagram feed to see some of the local eateries where you can have a special afternoon or night out.

Just promise you won’t take her to the pub with the football on in the background… and don’t forget a card!

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Mike Oldham
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Mike Oldham

Mike Oldham is a seasoned journalist and blogger bringing us the latest in sports news. Since moving from Scotland Mike has worked in a number of roles in media and sport, and now runs events in the education industry.

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