April Book Club

April Book Club

Posted by Janie Smith | 15 April 2019 | Arts & Culture

This April, our very own Culture Queen has three fabulous books for you to enjoy over the long Easter weekend!

Quite how Easter is practically upon us I have no idea but, I am looking forward to the long weekend and a chance to catch up on some good books. If, like me, that’s your thing too, I have three excellent reads to recommend. So, grab your Easter eggs, put your feet up on the sofa or get on your sun lounger in the garden if the weather is good, and enjoy these three quite different novels!

The Lost Son by Prue Leith

Prue Leith is not just an amazing creator of great food, she is also an accomplished author of fiction. Between the covers of The Lost Son you are treated to a gripping family drama full of plot twists, emotion and life consequences.

Laura and Giovanni Angelotti were forced to put their first child – a boy – up for adoption. Since then they have grown a restaurant empire from humble beginnings and had more children. Despite their success Laura has never been able to forget her baby boy.

After his best friend is killed in the 9/11 attacks, Tom’s life is thrown into a spin. A successful businessman who enjoys New York life to the full, he decides it is time to find his birth family; The Angelottis.

Whilst this sounds like we are about to witness a wonderful reunion, a perfect storm is brewing created by secrets and lies surrounding Tom’s parentage. Being found is bittersweet for Laura as it comes with potentially huge costs. Will she have to sacrifice everything she has built over the last fifty years?

Prue Leith, through her beautiful writing, makes the characters come alive in your imagination with all their foibles and weaknesses. This is another book that hasn’t left me yet despite having read it a few weeks ago!

The Age of Misadventure by Judy Leigh

The Age of Misadventure is a lighter read than my other two recommendations however, a good read is a good read, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of light relief! If it makes me laugh out loud then that’s even better! This wonderful story hits all the right spots! In an effort to reunite all the women in her family, Georgie arranges a rather unusual road trip involving sun, sea and a lot of Prosecco. It’s fair to say that it is an adventure they will never forget!

This is a funny, uplifting escapade of a story about how age is nothing more than a number and that you should always live life to the full! Should you decide to read it on public transport be careful that the men, in white coats don’t come to get you as you sit there laughing out loud to yourself!

The Rumour by Lesley Kara

If you love nothing more than a chilling tale of paranoia filled with suspense, suspicion and accusation then this is the choice for you.

In the sleepy little town of Frinstead-on- Sea nothing much happens until Joanna hears a rumour at the school gates. From a casual comment, rumours abound that a notorious child killer is living amongst the people. Casual chat leads from one thing to another and now nothing can stop the tsunami of paranoia that has hit Joanna and the quiet coastal town.

It’s been forty-eight years since little Robbie Harris was stabbed to death by Sally McGowan. She was released as a young woman from prison and since that moment no further images of her exist.

Which of the Frinton-on Sea residents is the child killer? Can Joanna save her family when she realises what her innocent comment has unleashed, and how far will she go to protect those she loves most?

This tale is expertly woven and will have you questioning all the characters even when you’re not physically reading the book! The suspense is superb, and the feeling of paranoia is palpable. It certainly teaches you the danger of a little loose talk! If you love The Girl on the Train, I think you will thoroughly enjoy this book too.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this month’s choices. Please feel free to start a conversation with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Written By: Janie Smith | Arts & Culture Editor

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