Inspired by the Royal Refurb? Check Out This Chic Windsor Home…

Inspired by the Royal Refurb? Check Out This Chic Windsor Home…

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 20 June 2019 | Home & Garden, News

With one well-known Windsor family making headlines for the recent refurbishment of their modest home, we take a look at another stylish residential project in Windsor by talented interior design practice Nina Moeller Designs…

Nina Moeller Designs is a boutique design practice based in Richmond, offering a modern and contemporary approach to interiors and fine bespoke furniture for both residential and commercial clients. 

Since 1990, Nina Moeller has been committed to creating beautiful environments and furniture, based on an understanding of space, an awareness of detail, and a sensitivity to each client’s individual needs and tastes. Here, the furniture-maker and creative dynamo talks us through one of her most inspiring home interior projects…

Dining Room by Nina Moeller Designs | Credit: Photography by Marcus Peel

Tell us about your latest project?

“Our latest interior design project was to transform a home on the outskirts of the historic town of Windsor. One of our clients had moved to this area some 15 years ago but since then had not changed or modernised the space. As the house was in need of a new zest of life, our brief was to create a free-flowing space, opening it up and bringing in more light throughout.” 

How did you go about fulfilling the brief?

“We set out to meet the brief by opening up the entire ground floor, creating a flow for the entertaining space, including living, kitchen and dining areas. As first impressions matter, we suggested a new wall within the entrance hallway with three long glass panels, allowing light to come in from the garden and illuminate the space. This set the scene for a beautiful bespoke dining table and new chairs.”

Bespoke Dining Table by Nina Moeller Designs | Credit: Photography by Marcus Peel

“We created a warm ambience using natural colours to complement the oak-engineered flooring we had chosen throughout the ground floor. Some walls received a splash of colour to highlight them. For other feature walls, we invited a specialist plasterer to work his magic and add some texture.”

Free-flowing spaces can sometimes lack cosiness – how did you address that?

“Pocket sliding doors were built so that creating zones for privacy could be possible. For example, so that our client could watch TV and listen to music while the chef is cooking in the kitchen. Together with the client, we worked on a new kitchen layout that fitted the new space well. We enjoyed the collaboration with a kitchen company.”

“For our client, it was subtlety and understatement that were key for us to follow in our design. And a few weeks after sign-off, we were guiding our client to acquire new works of art and accessories based on their wish-list. Commissioning a bespoke rug and new soft furnishings suggested by our team were the final finishing touches to this gorgeous family home before the client moved back in.”

Living Room by Nina Moeller Designs | Credit: Photography by Marcus Peel

Nina Moeller Designs - ProfileWas this project typical of your working process as a team at Nina Moeller Designs?

“Of course, this project is by no means exceptional among the work that we do in and around Wimbledon, Richmond and beyond. As part of our design process, we always work closely with clients to understand their needs and wishes. From an initial proposal and concept we can map out the best approach to produce tailored quality interior design for your own project. It’s something I’ll always be passionate about.”

For more information, or to discuss a project, please contact Nina Moeller.

Contributor: Nina Moeller, Interior Designer | Nina Moeller Designs

Studio: +44 (0)20 83326204
Mobile: +44 (0)7944 196804
Instagram: @NinaMoellerDesigns


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