Beat The Heat: Flawless Summer Make-Up Tips

Beat The Heat: Flawless Summer Make-Up Tips

Posted by Arif Isikgun | 22 July 2019 | Beauty, Party Ready, Style & Beauty

If your beauty products can’t stand the heat, you can end up looking more frazzled than flawless. Our beauty guru Arif Isikgun reveals how to stop your summer make-up going into meltdown when the mercury rises…

As summer reaches its peak, we’re often feeling at our best – we all know that feeling tanned equals feeling sexy, and there is just something magical about wearing white when your skin is sun-kissed. A summer make-up look is more than just being made-up: it’s about letting the natural glow of the sun shine through your skin for an effortless look that is chic enough for any occasion.

The secret of getting this look is picking products that work in high temperatures, and that complement your natural glow rather than masking it. I recommend focusing on eyes, lips and fresh-faced skin – here are my three top tips for a flawless summer look that will go the distance in hot weather…

1 Lines of fire: heat-proof eye make-up

We sometimes can be too heavy-handed with eyeliner, especially black liner. And as the heat intensifies during the day, it’s all too easy for this retro look to slide away and give you ‘panda’ eyes.

Instead, opt for a waterproof kohl or crayon in an earthier tone; a brown shade with staying power will not only look more natural but will accentuate the eyes and frame the face for a more seductive stare. Plus you can be more liberal on the top lash line without looking too intense. Finish with a totally reliable waterproof mascara and, if you feel you need it, a very light sweep of matte eyeshadow in a sunkissed shade of bronze or terracotta.

A few of my favourites pieces of kit (below, from left) include Marc Jacobs‘ brilliant Highliner Gel Eye Crayon eyeliner in the shimmering bronze shade Brown(out) or lighter Ro(cocoa) –available at Harvey Nichols.

Next up is Morphe’s amazing Mocha palette of super-blendable and flattering natural eyeshadows, from peach to pecan nut – it’s every shade you’ll ever need, and the pigment will stay put. Finally, Urban Decay’s “mermaid-worthy” Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara really does have incredible staying power.

Heat-proof summer make-up for eyes

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Brown(out); Morphe 25B Bronzed Mocha Artistry Palette, £19; Urban Decay Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara, £16.50.

Summer make-up

Photo: Ben Scott


2 Forget foundation in summer

Foundation can be a comfort blanket for your skin, as it hides the woes and hardships that we have all had to face. It can be hard to kick the habit of clinging to this wondrous product day after day, but we must, in summer, simply let go.

As we tan, shade-matching becomes harder and harder. Unless you have a huge arsenal of tones and shades at your disposal, chances are you will end up looking too dark (or worse, orange) or too light – leading to the biggest make-up faux pas: ashy or grey skin! The easiest way to avoid making a mistake like this is just to ditch the foundation entirely and instead opt for the lightest of summer skin tints.

Guerlain – makers of possibly the most iconic terracotta bronzing powder ever – has some fantastic options. One of my go-tos is their Terracotta Rêve d’Eté, an innovative tinted skincare jelly designed to create a “sun-kissed bare skin effect”.

This genius product will accentuate your tan and give you an amazing glow – as well as feeding your skin with its nourishing properties.


Guerlain Terracotta Rêve d’Eté Tinted Skincare Jelly, £36


3 A moment on the lips…

Nothing screams seduction and health louder than a sexy, perfect pout. In the sun we can be forgiven for going overboard with bright colour. Colour is perfectly warranted – and welcomed – but only if the lips are framed first. One thing I am really strict about with my clients is lining: it’s an essential step to any make-up application, and especially so in the summer when lipstick is even more prone to slipping and feathering.

One must-have in my kit that I find works perfectly for most skin tones and lip colours is Dior‘s Contour Lipliner in Brown Fig, available at Debenhams. The subtle nude hue makes a real impact on your lip structure and size, amplifying your pout exponentially while looking perfectly natural.

Finish with a dab of lip balm (choose something with an SPF to protect your lips, too), or apply a light lipstick in coral, peach, orange or even brick-red for high-impact glamour. Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine in Boy is a great barely-there nude that suits almost everyone; and Mac’s long-lasting matte Coral Lipstick is the perfect shade of pinky-orange.

Dior Contour Lipliner in Brown Fig, £22, Debenhams; Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy, £31


Still feeling the heat? Give your summer make-up look a revamp – give me a call and I’ll book you in for a bespoke consultation. In the meantime, stay cool!

Written By: Beauty Editor Arif Isikgun

Facebook: @AIBeautyConsultancy
Instagram: @aibeautylondon

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Make-up maestro Arif has wielded his bronzing brushes as a training adviser for the world's biggest beauty brands, and now offers private independent consultations for clients.

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