Happy Talk: How Cosmetic Injectables Can Boost Your Mood

Happy Talk: How Cosmetic Injectables Can Boost Your Mood

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 18 July 2019 | Beauty, News, Style & Beauty

There are countless anti-aging products and treatments on the market, but – whisper it – who hasn’t secretly thought about trying out fillers or other cosmetic injectables? It may have been taboo in the past, but leading London beauty clinic Skinsmiths wants to get us talking about these now-common cosmetic procedures – because looking good is also about feeling good, and looking after yourself is a great shortcut to mood-boosting confidence…

This July and August, Skinsmiths – London’s leading membership-based skin and appearance clinic – is on a mission to give everyone access to mood-boosting skin confidence, by encouraging conversations around cosmetic injectables.

Skinsmiths’ aim is to enable individuals to take that first step with fillers, by removing any preconceived doubts through a comprehensive free consultation. Clients are invited to come along and ask anything, to allay concerns and find out about their options. Skinsmiths want to open up discussions and remove taboos surrounding injectables, as they believe cosmetic injections are not solely about aesthetics, but how their members feel. After all, it’s often said that the key to looking good is feeling good: confidence can be your most attractive asset. Like most things in life, there’s no such thing as a quick-fix solution that lasts forever: so a series of treatments is what you should consider if you want to see real and lasting results.

Skinsmiths launched in the UK in 2018, and now has clinics in Belgravia, Bushey, Clapham South, Esher, Hanwell, Liverpool Street, Putney Bridge, Tower Bridge and Wimbledon Village. Its renowned sister clinic Caci was founded in New Zealand in 1994, bringing 25 years of experience to London of providing results-driven treatments in a safe and welcoming environment. Treatments on offer range from dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers to laser hair removal and their signature skin Detox Treatment (check out their full treatment menu to find out more).

Just as one-off workouts won’t give you the body of your dreams, it’s the same for your skin; a bespoke schedule of consistent treatments is what creates real, long-lasting results. Skinsmiths makes skin confidence simple, easy and accessible to everyone by offering rolling monthly payment plans. Tailored treatment schedules are created to specifically target members’ concerns, which can be adjusted along their journey, depending on the desired results. 

Skinsmiths Aesthetic Medicine Membership starts from just £30 a month and includes a schedule of regular treatments, gifts such as free facials, and a Skinsmiths skincare starter kit. To book a free consultation or for further information, please visit Skinsmiths.

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