Summer Swimming Lessons Give Kids A Confidence Boost

Summer Swimming Lessons Give Kids A Confidence Boost

Posted by Wimbledon Kids | 22 July 2019 | Health & Fitness, News, What's On, Wimbledon Kids

Not sure what to do with the kids over the summer break? Give their minds and bodies a workout while they have fun: Blue Wave Swim School explains how intensive swimming lessons can give them a much-needed confidence boost – and give you more time to relax this summer…

With schools out for summer and seven weeks of free time stretched out to fill for your children, there’s only one thing on parents’ minds: how can I keep my children occupied and active, make sure they have fun and maybe throw in a bit of education at the same time?

If this is the question that’s running through your mind , start to think about ‘fun learning’. Fun learning is something that is fun, exciting and engaging.

While reading for pleasure and visiting museums might be considered fun learning, they don’t necessary keep children physically active. A mix of fun learning and being physically active, however, can keep children’s minds and bodies active, and help them to make a flying start come the autumn term.

So what combines fun and learning at the same time? The answer is sports and, since it’s summer, swimming is naturally one of the most popular summer holiday activities for kids and families.

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Blue Wave Swim School Wimbledon

Summer is swimming season!

With a heatwave upon us, everyone, everywhere wants to go swimming! As soon as temperature starts to rise, swimming becomes the ‘best thing to do in summer’ – especially for families. And regardless of what the weather forecast says, most families will have a planned trip to somewhere warm and sunny with a pool or by a beach over the summer, too. With that in mind, safety becomes a priority too: to really enjoy yourself in the water (or from your sun lounger), you want to know that your children can play safely – and that means they need to know how to swim.

Ditch the floats for summer swimming, say experts

In a recent article by experienced paediatric nurse, Danielle McBurnett Stringer (aka Kidnurse), it is suggested that parents throw away the armbands. Instead, she recommends parents sign their children up for swimming lessons – because relying on floats or other swimming aids can actually prevent your children from really learning to swim.

It’s the same advice that swimming experts have been giving parents for years.

Although it’s tempting to just buy swimming floats or armbands from shops or online before setting off on holiday (and of course a quick fix), formal swimming lessons really are the best way for your children to learn to swim properly, enjoy being in water, and learn those all-important water-safety rules and self-preservation techniques.

What are the benefits of intensive summer swimming courses?

1) For children who really lack confidence and shy away from the water, intensive swimming lessons for a week or more can be a great water-confidence booster – especially just before a family holiday when you want to make the most of the weather and opportunities to swim while you’re away.

2) Lifeguards are always warning parents about the dangers of momentarily being distracted when watching their children – especially when children are not strong swimmers. So, if you are one of those parents who don’t want to have to keep your eyes glued on the pool for every second of your holiday, or you know your child can only swim with floats or is not a strong swimmer, swimming lessons will definitely help.

3) If you have missed out on securing your child a place on a weekly swim course over the past school year, summer crash courses are a great opportunity to catch up. Intensive swimming lessons can improve their technique, boost their confidence, keep them fit and active, and possibly be the best thing they do this summer.

If you are looking for summer intensive swimming lessons in Wimbledon, the Blue Wave Swim School offers private and group lessons, Monday to Friday, from 10am to 11am, at Wimbledon College in Wimbledon Village from July 29th 2019 for three weeks. And you’ll get a 15% discount for booking more than one week’s worth of lessons.

For more information, or to book your child a space on one of their summer swimming crash courses, call 020 8090 1415, email or visit the Blue Wave Swim School website.

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