August Book Club: Summer Reading

August Book Club: Summer Reading

Posted by Janie Smith | 13 August 2019 | Arts & Culture

This month, Culture Editor, Janie Smith selects three very different books to escape with whether it be in the garden enjoying the last of the sunshine or stretched out on the sofa with a G&T.

With August upon us Summer seems to be starting to fade a little. Thoughts turn to rushing around looking for sparkly new school uniforms for the coming term, preparing to say goodbye to the older kids as they start university or for those of us who have been there and done that, to Autumn. After all that we need some “me time”. There’s no better way to enjoy those special moments than with a carefully crafted piece of fiction!

Strings Attached | Credit: Janie Smith

Strings Attached By Erin Reinelt

To categorise this sassy story as chick lit is to do it a great disservice. Whilst arguably it is a tale of a woman aimed at women it is so much more than that. Never predictable, full of laugh out loud moments, Erin Reinelt delivers a clever, funny yet complex novel about modern day love and life.

Jean has always behaved as others expected her to. Strait laced and to be frank boring. She ditches her man-child boyfriend and transforms herself into a woman keen to explore love without falling in love! Her opportunity arises when she meets Gabriel, a pianist, who is married but open to explore opportunities! With him she encounters a modern romance and all it has to offer.

Surely hearts will be broken.

Strings Attached is an exciting empowering novel that will set your feminist funny bone alight and rooting all the way for Jean as she navigates her way through this contemporary romance.

The Retreat | Credit: Janie Smith

The Retreat By Sherri Smith

“This place had made a killer out of her. How about that for a testimonial! The retreat really did deliver on it’s promise of a complete transformation. She’d arrived a failure and was leaving a total success.”

If you love trying to guess the endings this stunningly written work will keep you completely engrossed until the very end as it takes you on an engrossing path full of twists and turns that you never expected!

A tautly told tale, Sherri Smith brings Katie, a former Hollywood child star with her two best friends to an upstate wellness retreat courtesy of her brother’s too good to be true fiancée. They all have demons to face, each has secrets they are keeping. Each is looking for peace and tranquillity. Finding oneself however might just dredge up more memories than Katie can deal with.

At the end of the weekend only one of them will be left standing.

The dark and twisting plot will send shivers down your spine and thrill anyone who adores a tautly told tale with an unbelievably explosive ending!

An absolute must read for lovers of “Gone Girl”.

The Wynnman and the Black Azalea | Credit: Janie Smith

The Wynnman and the Black Azalea By Trevor P Kwain

Based in our beautiful Wimbledon Village this is a delightful book about Enrico, an Italian immigrant, who has recently moved to the Village to open an artisan bakery. Just as his new business is about to take off, a sequence of unfortunate and mysterious events happen that take him in to the very depths of the town’s hidden history. Finding his curiosity sparked by legendary flowers and secret conspiracies, he cannot resist searching for answers. Very quickly the locals realise that the new Italian businessman is more than just a baker.

Trevor has woven a fascinating novel where present day Wimbledon and its history meet in a cosy corner of the village and Cannizaro House. His attention to detail brings the story to life and that makes it even more enjoyable.

I think you’ll agree that I have chosen three crackingly different reads for you this month. We would be thrilled to hear what you think of our choices, join the conversation with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Written By: Janie Smith | Arts & Culture Editor

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