Ditch Suits for Denim! Change your Life at 50

Ditch Suits for Denim! Change your Life at 50

Posted by Janie Smith | 14 August 2019 | Arts & Culture

Our culture editor Janie Smith featured in the Daily Mail and wrote about her experiences of why she left her job to take on new exciting challenges at 50. 

For the first forty nine years of my life I can’t say that I ever took any significant risks as I navigated my way through raising my amazing children and forging a career. I had heard that life begins at forty, but I dispute that notion! Without a doubt, life begins at 50!

I was interviewed recently for the Daily Mail, whilst in the South of France, about ditching my suit at 50 for denim. Here is my personal story.

Janie Smith at Topanga Canyon, USA California

My career had been going swimmingly, a rapid succession of promotions had led me to exactly where I wanted to be as Head in Education. However, increasing financial cuts were making the job nearly impossible. It was affecting my physical health and quite simply I wasn’t happy with what was happening in the educational sphere.

One day my husband called my desk phone. It was a call that would change my life and help me ditch the suit! He was calling to see if I fancied a month in Los Angeles! I handed in my resignation immediately. That three months’ notice period felt like a year!

Janie Smith on QCV UK

That was almost seven years ago. Since then I have travelled all over America and Europe, been on QVC UK a few times doing the Bodyblade, been invited to speak on Talk Radio and got married in Corfu. I can honestly say I have no regrets!

I have always had a creative side and ditching the suit has allowed me to explore and develop that. I was invited last year by the beautiful soul Sandra Strachan to be Culture Editor at Lady Wimbledon. It has opened so many doors for me and I cannot believe that I have joined such a fabulous team of strong, intelligent women. I am in my element.

If you are thinking of taking a totally new path in life at 50 or any other age, my advice is do it! You get one crack at life, make it the very best you can. Taking risks is incredibly empowering.

Written By: Janie Smith | Arts & Culture Editor

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Janie Smith

Janie Smith is a cup full of sass and the Culture Queen isn’t letting anything limit her. Whether she’s jet setting around the world or catching up on the latest shows she always has her ear to the ground.

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