The Secret of Glowing Autumn Skin Shared by Skinsmiths

The Secret of Glowing Autumn Skin Shared by Skinsmiths

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 17 October 2019 | Beauty

As we head into winter, turn the central heating on and spend more time indoors, our complexions can suffer, and – just like autumn leaves – appear dull and dry. Give your skin the boost it needs in the run-up to party season with an extra workout: skincare expert Skinsmiths talks us through the High Intensity Treatments that really work.

You may have a great skincare routine in place, but when the seasons change, we all need to switch things up to tackle the dehydrating effects of wild weather and household heating. One of the best ways to kickstart a new regime is to treat yourself to a beauty HIT (High Intensity Treatment), such as microneedling or IPL. But what are these treatments and what do they do? Our insider beauty expert at Skinsmiths gives you the lowdown.

Beauty boost SkinsmithsWhat are HITs?

High Intensity Treatments are the treatments that will really get you results – don’t worry, they aren’t as scary as they sound. At Skinsmiths, we’ve chosen three that we find work wonders for clients. And we’re so sure you’ll love them too, we’ll even treat you to a free HIT – worth up to £495 – if you take up a Skinsmiths Membership this month! Not sure which to pick? Here’s our HIT guide…

How does it work? Collagen production is boosted by gently stimulating the skin with tiny needles.
What does it treat? Microneedling can reduce scarring and improve skin texture.

How does it work? Light targets areas of pigment in the skin, breaking it down and bringing it to the skin’s surface, where it flakes away.
What does it treat? IPL reduces pigmentation, sun spots and age spots, and can reduce redness, too.

How does it work? Light is passed into the deep layers of the skin, encouraging collagen production and triggering skin to re-grow smoother, tighter and more even in tone.
What does it treat? This is a great treatment for those looking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, or correct signs of advanced ageing, as it also improves skin texture and tone.

How do I know which HIT is right for me?

Before you join, a Skinsmiths consultant will sit down with you to discuss your skin goals and design a treatment schedule consisting of a mixture of conditioning treatments (skincare infusion and/or microdermabrasion for example) and High Intensity Treatments.

It’s likely that your recommended treatment schedule will include several conditioning treatments in short succession at the beginning: this is designed to increase skin cell turnover, and to prepare your skin for the high intensity treatments. After this initial booster session, treatments will become more regular, with reviews slotted in along the way.

How do I start the treatments?

Simply book your complimentary consultation to start your skin confidence journey – we’ll take care of the rest. And remember, we’ll even treat you to a free HIT – worth up to £495 – if you take up a Skinsmiths Membership this month.

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