Best Dad’s To Follow On Instagram

Best Dad’s To Follow On Instagram

Posted by Wimbledon Kids | 14 January 2020 | Wimbledon Gent, Wimbledon Kids

Dad blogger Joe Clapson shares his favourite Dad Instagrammers. Funny, honest and inspirational; give these go-to good bloggers a follow to brighten up your feed…

Social media can be a marvellous place to search for inspiration, to research latest trends and actually, you know, be sociable with fellow Tweeters, Facebookers and Instagrammers.

But the “soshal meeeja” field is vast and when on a mission to find “the best the thing to do with kids” or suchlike, we don’t all have time to search all of the hashtags. Also, seeking out pages with the most likes or influencers with the most polished persona won’t necessarily furnish us with the highest quality content. It’s good to know who are the go-to good bloggers.

So, to start 2020 I thought it might be useful, as a “Dad Blogger” to reflect on which fellow Dads on Instagram are top of the class for me? Which fellow #instadads offered consistently entertaining, insightful and useful posts?

Purely from the perspective of a time-poor parent, who is always on the hunt for humour, sensational ideas, quick wins for kids and HONEST, evidenced opinions, here are my TOP 5 DAD INSTAGRAM PAGES of 2020. Check them out…

Gregory Stanton @theconscious_dad

Once known as the London Dad and formerly of Croydon, Dad-of-three Greg is currently on a year travelling away from England’s capital. This guy posts some simply stunning, mostly black and white pictures and is certainly worth watching for ideas on sustainable living. Posting about his exciting travels he gives a personal take on how to eat better, exercise more, and stop worrying about bills and school runs. His aim each day is to come home with the “single focus of giving the kids a wholesome rich life”.

Follow: @theconscious_dad

Tom Cox @unlikelydad

Tom is a 35-year-old Dad of one son. After spending most of his twenties eating out all weekend and enjoying city breaks, as he approached 30 he realised that he just wanted to be a Dad. He needed a baby! Tom and his husband, Daniel, embarked on a journey to adopt. His eye-catching page is an inspirational tale of parenthood. He says: “First and foremost come my two boys. My weekends no longer mean lie-ins and breakfast in bed… they mean being woken up at 5am with my son running into my bedroom…”

Follow: @unlikelydad

Mat Riley @thelifeofrileyfamily

First of all Mat Riley is a funny man. Lots of his posts are pretty short, but within the words is often a laugh-out-loud message. The hilarious trials and tribulations of parenthood feature heavily. I featured alongside Mat on Good Morning Britain where we countered Piers Morgan’s loud opinion that men are emasculated if they wear Baby Slings (check that out on Youtube). For a totally honest, nonchalant account of the reality and hilarity of being a parent, head to this page.

Follow: @thelifeofrileyfamily

Jamie Day @adayinthelifedad

Firstly hats off for the clever name – he’s a Dad and his name his Jamie Day… lovely stuff. This guy is an award-winning blogger with “Best Baby Blog 2016” and “Parenting Influencer of the Year 2018” to his name, and his content is worthy of the accolades. He is very much a modern-day father looking to promote family fun and mental health awareness. He is also a champion of climate change awareness and animal welfare. His world revolves around spending time with his wife Georgia, kids Edie and Arlo, and his dog. He’s also worked as part of Molly Gunn’s Selfish Mother team.

Follow: @adayinthelifedad

@TheDailyDad | Credit:

The Daily Dad @thedailydad

Still on topic but from across the pond… this page often raises a smile with quick, smartly curated tips. This is a place to visit for funny bit of advice, wake-up calls, and reality checks. The underlying message of this profile is that every person is an individual and we should not try to mould ourselves into someone else’s shape. It’s a great site to visit for ideas and inspiration. The Daily Dad says: “Every situation, family dynamic, parent-child relationship is different, and unique and beautiful and wonderful”.

Follow: @thedailydad

Contributor: Joe Clapson | 

Twitter: @daddyshortlegs_
Instagram: @daddyshortlegsJC
Facebook: @daddyshortlegs

Joe Clapson is the author of The Diary of DaddyShortLegs: Experiences of a Dad at home with his baby – available from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

Credit: Joe

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