The Perfect Red Lip For Valentines

The Perfect Red Lip For Valentines

Posted by Lee Pycroft | 11 February 2020 | Beauty, Party Ready, Style & Beauty, Wellbeing

Red lips have long been symbolic of sensuality, boldness and femininity. It is a statement colour that captivates, catches attention and, can transform your image. Follow this simple guide to get Valentine ready.

Finding Your Red

A basic red lipstick rule is that, fairer complexions tend to be naturally pinker, so go for cool toned reds with blue undertones as they will brighten the skin and colour of teeth. Using an orange undertone will appear more muted and less enchanting.

If your skin is more olive or yellow toned red shades, with an orange undertone, will compliment the natural colours of the complexion and look less jarring then a blue red. That said, there are always exceptions, so stay open minded!

A playful way to assess what colour suits you, is to try a few red shades on your fingertips and hold each finger up to your lips to see which colour jumps out against your features and skin!

Prime Your Pout

If lips are dry use a lip scrub to remove any dry skin or a damp face cloth with some face oil and gently rub lips until they are smooth.

Apply a lip balm and allow it to soak in so  that your lips feel luscious, hydrated and nourished. Blot any excess balm off with a tissue.

Get it On

If you want a full blown red lip, then use the lipstick straight from the bullet and sweep the colour across lips. Sweeping the colour on will result in a full coverage rather then a stain.

Use a lip pencil the same colour as your lipstick and after applying the lipstick, lightly sketch around the lip line to adjust and tailor it where needed.
Applying the pencil after the lipstick allows you to use the pencil just where you need it and create a more natural finish.

If you prefer an intense stain rather then a full statement red lip, then blot the lipstick onto your lips as this will deposit less product than sweeping the colour on. Use your ring finger to press the colour into your lips. This will bed it in and keep the lip line blended & soft.

Cheat a Little

Want to cheat your lip size or shape? Go for a matt texture as you can overdraw the lip line and still create a realistic finish. Trying to cheat your lip line with a gloss can look more obvious and due to the texture won’t last as long. A matt texture will also last through the night.

Seal With A Kiss

If you have chosen a glossy textured lipstick, after applying, kiss a tissue and reapply the lipstick. This will help layer the product so it lasts longer.

Are you ready to embrace the red lip?

Written by: Lee Pycroft | Wellbeing Editor

Lee is a renowned make-up artist and psychotherapist dispensing sound advice on all aspects of make-up and emotional wellbeing.

Instagram: @leepycroft
Twitter: @leepycroft



Lee Pycroft
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Lee Pycroft

Celebrity make-up artist Lee has not only helped stars from Anne Hathaway to Elle Macpherson shine brighter, she’s also a qualified psychotherapist renowned for her beauty tips and wellbeing wisdom.

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