How To Celebrate VE Day During Lockdown

How To Celebrate VE Day During Lockdown

Posted by Janie Smith | 6 May 2020 | Arts & Culture, Community Spirit

Our Arts & Culture Editor Janie Smith shares some ideas on how to celebrate VE Day during lockdown.

In 1945 the streets of Wimbledon and beyond witnessed historic scenes of joyous celebration following six terrible years of war.

This year will be very different. Merton and its people had planned celebrations for the 75th anniversary which have had to be cancelled, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate albeit in a safe, socially distanced way. We have put together some suggestions to help you enjoy the momentous occasion.

8.30 am Start the day with a wartime breakfast. Try a cooked cereal and half a grapefruit washed down with chicory coffee or malted milk.

11 am Join the nation in a two minute silence to honour the wartime heroes and reflect upon the devastation caused by Covid-19.

11.55 am Grab a cup of tea and watch the Royal British Legion’s VE Day 75 livestream as the WW2 generation chat about their experiences. This is a wonderful way for our children to understand the sacrifices made by so many.

1 pm Have a picnic indoors, on your balcony or in the garden. Why not bake a beautiful Victoria Sponge for the occasion?

3 pm Raise a glass, cheer and clap loudly on your doorstep, if it safe to do so, for the Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of WW2. Don’t forget to say “To those who gave so much, we thank you.”

9 pm The Queen will speak to the nation at exactly the same time as her Father, King George VI gave his radio address

9 pm Following the address everyone is encouraged to join in a rendition of Vera Lynn’s “We’ll Meet Again” on BBC1

It may feel a little ironic to be celebrating freedom during a lockdown, but rest assured, we will be free soon. This anniversary, we will be celebrating VE Day this year with more insight than ever before.

We Will Meet Again,

Janie Smith

Editor: Janie Smith | Arts & Culture Editor

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