Lady W’s Wimbledon Times Spotlight: 29/5/20

Lady W’s Wimbledon Times Spotlight: 29/5/20

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 29 May 2020 | Press

“I think I was more excited, maybe relieved is a better word, that we have finally reached half term.

I’m not sure who squealed louder last Friday when we completed the spring term of home learning. I’m a qualified primary school teacher for goodness sake and we are still all bursting at the seams. The first month was an adventure, the second month I turned to bribery and now I have nothing left to give! Seems to echo relationships from my youth!”

Read the full article: ‘Waking up each morning to a brave new world with #LadyWimbledon’ in Lady W’s Wimbledon Times Spotlight here > or pick up the print version in and around Wimbledon.


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