Wimbledon News

Wimbledon News

2 September 2021
The Wimbledon Walk and Talk Movement

We are delighted to announce the launch of The Walk and Talk Movement. The start of this national movement is designed to bring people together in their local green spaces...

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24 February 2021
Help to Save Deen City Farm

A private individual has threatened a legal injunction against Merton Council issuing a trading license for the market. Until the matter is resolved they will not be street trading but...

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23 July 2020
Lady W’s Wimbledon Times Spotlight: 23/7/20

“I have to confess that over the last couple of months I have been checking out your best friend. It's not like me really, but having spent months exploring nothing...

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13 July 2020
Posted by Janie Smith
Wimbledon Library Reopens

Wimbledon Library has reopened, bringing back an extensive range of services and facilities for all Merton residents to explore and enjoy. Whether you need DVDs, books, large print or reference...

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10 July 2020
Lady W’s Wimbledon Times Spotlight: 10/7/20

“Perhaps we are all caught in a conundrum. Shops and pubs are opening their doors and each one of us is contemplating the right time to step inside. I probably...

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25 June 2020
Lady W’s Wimbledon Times Spotlight: 25/6/20

“Since time began, the Wimbledon summer has circulated around the tennis fortnight. From the first of July, our streets have been filled with smiling happy people walking to and from...

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12 June 2020
Lady W’s Wimbledon Times Spotlight: 11/6/20

“A breath of fresh air swept through Wimbledon last weekend. As the ground began to soak up a much needed drink, I reached for my brolly and told my eldest...

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12 June 2020
Lady W On Sky News 10 June 2020

With the government scrambling for ideas on how to get all children back to school in September. Sky News ask ex-teacher Sandra Strachan if she would consider returning to the...

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29 May 2020
Lady W’s Wimbledon Times Spotlight: 29/5/20

“I think I was more excited, maybe relieved is a better word, that we have finally reached half term. I’m not sure who squealed louder last Friday when we completed...

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14 May 2020
Lady W’s Wimbledon Times Spotlight: 14/5/20

“Oh do you know the Muffin Man? He only came to life two weeks ago when he found a tonne of muffin mix on his doorstep. He phoned his friends...

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