Creating Cosy Autumn Interiors

Creating Cosy Autumn Interiors

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 6 November 2020 | Home & Garden

Well if you hadn’t felt it before, Autumn in Wimbledon is definitely now in full swing as British Summertime ends and the clocks go back an hour. To help us get some of the best tips on transforming our interiors to make them perfect for the season, we’ve got in touch with some of our local interior designers to get all the best ideas on creating cosy autumn interiors…

With days getting darker and colder, it’s definitely the season we spend much more time indoors, so it’s important that our indoor spaces are as inviting and pleasant as we can possibly make them. Interior design studios Tania Azadian and Deborah Beaumont give us their best tips and examples for creating the perfect indoor  space this autumn.

Tania Azadian Interiors

With 17 years experience working in the residential and commercial market worldwide, Tania Azadian Interiors based in Wimbledon Village has been set up to provide a tailor-made design service working closely with the client to create the perfect space that is individual to each of their needs, requirements and expectations. Each project is run from concept right through to completion, ensuring the utmost attention to detail and delivering a high end, high quality bespoke turnkey interior.

As the nights are drawing in a cosy environment is priority at this time of the year. Making a space feel cosy is about appealing to all the senses so that everything comes together to create a warm homely ambience.

Here are some of Tania’s top tips for creating cosy interiors:


Choose soft and rich textured fabrics. By contrasting textures, you create something easy on the eye and pleasant to the touch. Luxury finishes such as cashmeres and wools make for an incredibly warm space. Drape a soft warm blanket or throw at the end of the bed or over the arm of the sofa ready to wrap around you.



Both darker coloured and warm light neutral walls with earthy tones create a cosy feeling, add to it accent colours such as moss green, mustard yellow or camel. Mix rich tones with metallics such as brushed brass and bronze and warm toned woods like mahogany or walnut.



Think of lighting in terms of layers. Functional, ambient and decorative. Table lamps, floor lamps, candle and fire light are all great examples used to create ambient and mood lighting. Choose warm white bulbs instead of stark cool ones. Dimmer switches are a must so you can turn down the lights for a cosy low-level glow that’s perfect for relaxing.


Set the mood with some soothing calming scents. Use warm uplifting scents from woody, earthy aromas to sweet smelling spice such as cinnamon. Scent has a powerful influence on our mood



One of the easiest ways to instantly make your home feel cosy and comfortable is by adding deep pile rugs. Not only can this offer comfort and heat, but they also add a visual warmth to a space.

For more information on the services we offer or to discuss a project please contact:

+44 (0)7946 533380 |

5 Oldfield Road, Wimbledon Village, London SW19 4SD


Instagram: @tania_azadian_interiors

Twitter: @TaniaAzadianltd

Facebook: @taniaazadianinteriors

Deborah Beaumont Interiors

Based in the heart of Wimbledon Village, Deborah Beaumont Interiors (Est. 2002) has a retail design showroom and studio displaying a capsule range of their furnishings & home accessories. Serving private residential clients all over the UK and internationally, Deborah Beaumont Interiors offer a comprehensive interior design service working with the appointed architects and contractors from the very concept of the project through to the final completion.

Deborah Beaumont Interiors give us an example of a beautiful bespoke interior perfect for a cosy autumn evening:

This stylish and contemporary sitting room is part of a total house refurbishment designed for a client in their 1930’s Wimbledon Village home. The installation of a bio-ethanol fire incorporated into bespoke joinery, gives the room a focal point in a modern and clean lined way. Deborah Beaumont Interiors creates luxury bespoke interiors to suit their clients visions.

For more information visit:

020 8946 3995

14 High Street Wimbledon, Wimbledon, London SW19 5DX

Instagram – @deborahbeaumontinteriors

Website –

These ideas will help you to create a perfect haven out of your home and help make transform those dark and cold autumn nights to something much more cosy and inviting. 

Written By: Hannah Ablett | Content Editor 

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