Taste the Traditional Family Recipe of Hayman’s Gin

Taste the Traditional Family Recipe of Hayman’s Gin

Posted by Wimbledon Gent | 7 December 2020 | Food & Drink, Wimbledon Gent

Hayman’s is a local family business based in Balham, with over 150 years of experience producing delicious gin great for all occasions.

Innovative and always-evolving, current proprietors James and Miranda Hayman are adamant about pioneering gin for future generations, to continue their family’s influential legacy.



The true essence of Hayman’s Gin is authenticity; they make their gin today using the same original family recipe developed 150 years ago.

Using only the finest botanicals available, combined with their two-day gin making process, their botanicals are infused in English wheat spirit for an entire day, allowing the full natural flavours to shine through.

These more traditional processes are somewhat rare in this modern age, but many say it’s those techniques, as well as the family’s unique passion for what they do, which have won Hayman’s many acclaimed awards and continued positive acclamation, such as being voted ‘London’s Favourite Gin Distillery’ by Trip Advisor.




Their wide range of different types of gin provides an excellent selection for Christmas this year, whether you’re looking for gifts or just something to enjoy at home, sure to satisfy any gin fan, from sloe gin lovers to good old traditional gin-thusiasts.

Lady Wimbledon readers can enjoy 15% off using the code XMAS15 when visiting the Hayman’s online store.

You can also learn more about their fascinating story, their gin selection, their distillery, and much more, on the Hayman’s website.

Hayman’s Distillery, Balham at 8A Weir Road, SW12 0GT.

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