Elevate your wardrobe with Livotte London.

Elevate your wardrobe with Livotte London.

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 6 February 2021 | Style & Beauty

Treat Yourself this Valentine’s Day!  Livotte is designed by women for women!

Founders, Beth Pollak and Delphine McNeill, have over 20 years of experience working its the fashion industry. They both started their careers in America before moving across the pond to London. Beth worked for years at Lucky Magazine covering denim and t-shirts and then in wholesale at Joe’s Jeans. When she moved to London, she worked for the late shoe designer Camilla Skovgaard as her brand manager. Delphine produced runway shows in NY, Milan and Paris and was at Barneys New York for nearly a decade as Head of PR Special Events.

When the women first met and talked about what they needed in their wardrobes, it became clear to both that a t-shirt…elevated is what many women needed in their lives! An item like your favorite silk blouse but easy and machine washable like a t-shirt. Great with jeans but just as easy to pair with designer pieces. It was important to use the best fabrics and that all of the production was local and superior to that of many t-shirt brands. They really set out to elevate the humble t-shirt.

Livotte is designed and produced at a female lead factory in London. The bespoke organic cotton fabric is sourced from a mill in the midlands and has been tested to withstand hundreds of machine washes and always look beautiful. Originally Livotte London was just focused on black and white but they have recently increased their range to offer navy blue and will be launching the perfect pink next month!

All featured images are best sellers retailing for £135 (shipping free of charge around the globe). 

Livotte also offer free returns within the UK.


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