Signature at Wimbledon – Luxury Care Home

Signature at Wimbledon – Luxury Care Home

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 1 March 2021 | Community Spirit

Every one of us, no matter what stage in life we’re at, can struggle with making significant decisions. We all scratch our heads and pace the living room assessing the options and awaiting inspiration. Delaying a decision can be problematic, as situations can frequently change….

Sandeep Gourlay, Client Liaison Manager at Signature at Wimbledon says “In my role as Client Liaison Manager I speak with many families who are looking for care. Many of whom are searching for guidance on how to pick the correct care home for themselves or a loved one. Although it is more common for people to start their search for care in advance, there are still many instances where families must make a decision on a care home extremely quickly when a situation turns to crisis. I wanted to put together a list of reasons why care seekers shouldn’t put off their search for care, which hopefully serves as a guide for those who may wish to plan for the future.”

Here are our 10 reasons not to put off searching for the correct care home.

10 Reasons Not to Put Off The Search for a Care Home


1- Care Home places are limited
An unfortunate fact of our aging population is that often care home spaces are in high demand. After all, there are only a limited number of rooms in each one. Beginning your search early to find the care home of your preference means you have time on your side to consider your options, meet the team who will be looking after you and even get to know some of your fellow residents. Beginning the search early also means you have plenty of time to look into the financial implications and perhaps considering the sale of a property.

2- Looking after yourself
As we age many of us struggle to do the day to day things with the ease we once did. Sadly, there is a common misconception that when you move into a care home you lose your independence. This is certainly not the case at Signature where the care team do everything they can to maintain resident’s independence, being on hand where needed. It is always best to start your search before you are in urgent need of care, so you can see your full breadth of options.

3- Family involvement
Early research means family can be involved. Everyone in later life wants to be able to continue making their own decisions and not have them made for them.

4- Personal safety
Regardless of how active someone is physically and mentally, in later life, some are more vulnerable than others. Therefore, it makes sense to begin planning to be in a position of safety, sooner rather than later. Somewhere you are can be supported and have all the care, companionship and compassion you may need whilst, enjoying a life well lived.

5- Greater variety of options
Planning early opens up far more options for you as to what you want, location, care levels, activities, cost and a whole range more.

6- Financial planning
Of course, there is a cost involved with moving into a care home, so starting your search early means you can begin to plan ahead. Depending on the level of care someone requires, the cost of living or of housing where you live, can have large variations attached to them and extra time for planning will ensure you can fully understand your financial position.

7- Diet & Healthier lifestyle
A good care home can provide nutritional guidance and exercise programmes to help to maintain independence. They are often overlooked in the search for the right care home, so early planning and visiting each care home is important.

8- Medical management
Having someone to manage your medication and other medical requirements offers important peace of mind. Some care homes have nurses on site 24 hours a day who are there to monitor and support residents should they need it. Care homes work in conjunction with your other medical professionals such as doctors and consultants to provide residents with holistic care.

9- Dementia or memory loss
Living with dementia is something many people can face in their later years, so making plans early can ensure you find the right care home environment and one which can support the journey, as it progresses.

10- Peace of mind
Even if you do not require full time care yet, starting to explore your options and looking for the what could be the right care will help you greatly, if and when that time arrives. It can provide peace of mind for you and your family.

Signature at Wimbledon offers unrivalled care and support delivered in the most luxurious of environments. Residents benefit from bespoke care plans tailored to the individual’s needs, delivered by highly qualified
staff who have a true passion for care. Signature at Wimbledon offers Residential Care, from a little assistance with washing, dressing and administering medication, to those residents who require greater support as well as specialist dementia care.

Signature At Wimbledon recognise that our team are critical to our success, which is why we recruit and train the best people. They are determined to be the care sectors “best in class” provider.

Meet a few of our Ladies, behind the brand who share the values that underpin our home, providing unrivalled care and support, with bespoke care plans tailored to the individual’s needs in a safe, warm, welcoming environment with uplifting open spaces, intimate cosy corners and places to read, dine, chat or just unwind:


Find out more about life at Signature at Wimbledon, contact our designated Client Liaison Managers, Sandeep and Maurice, on 020 8108 0180


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