Interview with Donald Edge founder of codebyEdge™

Interview with Donald Edge founder of codebyEdge™

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 28 May 2021 | Style & Beauty

Inspired by centuries-old tradition, codebyEdge™ reimagines coded jewellery for modern life: beautiful, wearable, personalised pieces that carry your heart in their design…We had the pleasure of interviewing the CEO and founder; Donald Edge, in light of the launch of their new exciting Wimbledon collection:

Who/ What inspired you to start your own business?

My inspiration comes from working on incredible projects with incredible clients. I have worked on many fantastic projects including designing bespoke engagement rings priced at £25K-£100K to a one-off piece for luxury drinks brand Chambord, and most recently I worked with Clive Christian OBE designing ‘the world’s most expensive chandelier’ selling at £2.5M for ‘The Officer’. Starting with my own shop on Kings Road I have been in the UK since 1985 and I am lucky enough to have repeat clients that I still work with today.

Donald Edge – Founder of CodebyEdge


What is the biggest challenge you have faced?

Like any designer, I have had many challenges over the years. I always see opportunities in challenges, which is what spurs me to carry on crafting and creating pieces that my customers love. For me, it’s about understanding the client’s meaning and story behind their piece of jewellery. This is always completely unique which is what keeps me inspired. My latest challenge was launching my codebyEdge™ ranges featuring lab-grown diamonds and gems along with using noble metals.

Historically, there has been some stigma attached to lab-grown but sustainability lies at the core of everything that I do. Being able to launch a product that doesn’t deplete the environment and has transparent supply chains with the highest level of care for the planet and the people involved, is my most exciting challenge to date. Real diamonds are grown by scientists using a process that mimics natural diamond formation under the Earth’s crust are a sustainable choice for the environment.


What do you enjoy most about running your own business?

Seeing the delight in customers’ faces never gets old and being able to collaborate on exceptional projects is always fun.

Which product/service have you enjoyed creating the most?

Without a shadow of a doubt, setting up my new more accessible range. codebyEdge™ is based on using morse code for customers to create their own heirloom with their own secret message. Creating a more accessible range allows people all over the world to have a piece of Edge jewellery.

We launched the new ranges; Mayfair, Aquafiore and Amanti in January of this year and I am delighted to have sold all over Europe, The USA, Australia and Dubai. As a hopeless romantic, I was inspired by the love tokens of the 18th century and fascinated by the magic of morse code to create codebyEdge™; an affordable, wearable luxury that tells your story. Each piece is invested with love and meaning – from its hand-crafted origin in Italy, to the secret messages hidden in its stones that customers have built on the website. 

codebyEdge™ is a unique jewellery concept using only sustainable lab-grown diamonds, gemstones and noble metals in 18kt yellow, white & rose gold or 925 sterling silver. This personalised jewellery is made to order will arrive with you in 4 weeks.

Which advice would you pass on to others who wish to start their own business or which advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t be afraid to try new things and to move with today’s technology. Lab-grown stones help avoid the depletion of natural resources and prevent environmental damage caused by mining with no extraction from the earth required.


codebyEdge™’s founder and creative director is renowned jeweller Donald Edge. Celebrated for his instinctive eye, sustainable ethos and innovative approach to design Donald is no stranger to creating one-of-a-kind pieces that tell a story. As well as Donald’s new range codebyEdge™  featuring messages made in morse code, Donald also has his ‘by invitation only’ range Wimbledon. Wimbledon allows customers to create bespoke pieces with Donald directly.

Customise your codebyEdge™ jewellery here

Arrange an appointment for Wimbledon range with Donald here

codebyEdge™ is represented by Concrete Communications please contact for more information.

Contact CodebyEdge

Facebook: codebyedgejewellery

Instagram: @codebyedge

Whatsapp: +44 7388 808226




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