Fever Tree Raspberry and Rose Soda 

Fever Tree Raspberry and Rose Soda 

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 1 July 2021 | Food & Drink

There’s no better way to enjoy the perfect day watching the Wimbledon Championships, than sipping Fever Tree’s delicious and refreshing new Raspberry and Rose soda…With summer right around the corner, now is the time to put your feet up, catch a tan and get the relaxation you deserve. So lets use this summer to enjoy the best food, once again surrounded by great friends and toast the night away with amazing drinks curated by Fever Tree.

Made with delicately perfumed Damask rose petals and combined with the juicy sweetness of late-harvest raspberries, Fever Tree have created a unique and delicious soda that’s perfect for mixing with Sipsmith Strawberry Smash for a refreshing summer spritz.


What makes it taste so great?

This soda tastes exquisite because of where the ingredients are sourced from and how they are handled. The raspberries are left to soak in the sun’s rays for as long as possible where the mountains meet the great Pacific Ocean, in the US. Over in Bulgaria’s legendary Rose Valley, vast swathes of pastel pink roses occupy almost every spot of ground where the sun shines.

The Damask roses are sourced from Bulgaria’s famous ‘Valley of the Roses’, to the East of Sofia. Bulgarian roses have a distinct, delicate, floral flavor which is much fresher than roses found in other areas of the world. The roses are picked by hand between sunrise and midday, and steam distilled that day, otherwise, the petals dry out in the sun and they won’t be able to produce top-quality oil.


Taste the sweetness from luscious liquid extracted from raspberries. The rose brings a fresher, floral lift to the soda that accentuates the subtle aromas of pink gins and adds a lightness when mixed with premium vodkas.

See how to make the ultimate Rose and Raspberry Spritz Cocktail here.

Some things aren’t best kept to yourself. Call your friends over! As well as the 200ml bottles, you can share the taste with your friends with the 500ml bottle available. 

Order their new Raspberry and rose soda online. 

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