Amazing Hawaiian Traditions and Cultures That You Should Know

Amazing Hawaiian Traditions and Cultures That You Should Know

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 24 August 2021 | Press

Hawaii is one of the top tourist countries around the world known for its mesmerizing landscapes and lovely citizens. But did you know Hawaiian traditions and culture are just as incredible as the country’s looks? Filled with unique customs which can make you reciprocate with the feeling the native people have with the lands. This amazing Hawaiian culture is worth knowing and will surely interest you! Learn more about the different traditions and cultural activities of Hawaii and its people down below.

Hawaiian Traditional Values

Throughout its beautiful land, there are incredible feats as well as meaningful traditions engraved in Hawaiian culture. One great example is the Luau, a great feast followed by entertainment. The Kauai luau is particularly amazing as the land and its people join together for a great celebration. These people also hold great values in their traditions.

The Hawaiian people deeply care for their land, which is why they have a tradition known as Malama Aina, which shows how connected they truly feel with the land. There is also Ohana, which translates to family, showing that the Hawaiian people value their families greatly. Ohana doesn’t only mean blood relatives; it also refers to the people in the community.

Apart from these, there are the traditions of lokomaika’i and ho’ohanohano. The first teaches that one should always be kind and generous, while the other teaches that one must have honor and integrity engrossed in their lives.

Hawaiian people also greet each other with a kiss on the cheek and farewells are also said in the same manner. Lastly, it is important to remember their floral clothing style as well as it is the utmost representation of the Hawaiian culture.

Hawaiian Culture Worth Knowing

Several events show just how incredible the Hawaiian culture really is. Here, you will find all the fantastic festivities that Hawaii has to offer. So let’s get to it!

1. Kamehameha Day

On the 11th of June, the Hawaiian people celebrate their first monarch, King Kamehameha the Great. Each year the people of Hawaii enjoy a festival, a carnival, a floral parade, and a lei draping ceremony. These activities and events are all held to honor king Kamehameha, and everyone there has a day off from their jobs.

2. Family Luau

As mentioned before, a luau is a celebration, but it has much deeper roots in the culture than you may have realized. Sure, there is a great feast with amazing food and drinks served that you must try, but these aren’t just your typical tourist attractions.

Back in the islands’ history, a foreign disease had spread across the lands. This caused a massive decline in Hawaii’s population. Hence, a baby luau, as in celebrating a child’s first birthday, was quite the occasion. If the children defeated the disease and reached their first birthday, it was time for a luau. This custom is still important to the people and is observed to this day.

The guest list would include everyone from neighbors to distant relatives. What’s more, the guest list and the planning for the event would sometimes even begin months before the child’s first birthday. As many as a hundred people or more could be invited, and they are all served a buffet of local food and a table of tasty appetizers while they enjoy Hawaiian music and play games.

3. Hawaiian Marriage Ceremonies

The Hawaiian weddings are one of the most incredible venues worth visiting just because of how scenic the events are. The local cuisine is also unlike any other around the globe, and these foods are exceptional and worth experiencing. From the Lomi salmon to the kalua pork, these dishes are enough to make anyone hungry!

In terms of entertainment, a Chinese lion dance, Hawaiian songs, or the money dance may happen during the marriage ceremony. What activities appear, depends on the couple’s ethnic background or heritage. On top of these, typical wedding traditions such as cutting a cake and a father-daughter dance are all part of these events as well.

4. Lei Day

If you are planning a trip somewhere near the beginning of next year, especially around the end of April, you should definitely consider traveling to the Hawaiian islands. O’ahu, in particular, is a great option. This is because every year, on may 1st, the Hawaiian people celebrate what is known as Lei day, and it’s worth experiencing.

On this day, the Hawaiian people celebrate all things lei. There are performances held in schools, and remember that we said O’ahu is an excellent visiting option around this time? Well, that’s because those in O’ahu can go to the Queen Kapiolani Park for an exciting day of live music, local food, hula, lei-making demonstrations, and a lei contest exhibition. The Mayor’s grand prize is given to the lei that is deemed the best show.

This day is the celebration of Hawaiian culture or the incredible aloha spirit. People give gifts made of leis to each other and plays take place in schools. Each of the islands has its very own symbol that is made up of a selected color and a flower to go along with it.


To conclude, Hawaii is a place that has much to offer to those who decide to visit there, and the culture is most certainly worth knowing about, especially if you are planning to visit the islands when a grand celebration is right around the corner. Hawaii and its people have a deep connection; their incredible culture and traditions are the biggest proof of this.

We hope that this article has made you interested in the amazing Hawaiian culture worth knowing about, and we wish you good luck in your future endeavors.




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