Your Guide to Choosing the Best Oak Doors for Your Home

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Oak Doors for Your Home

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 5 August 2021 | Press

Getting the right oak door for a home can be overwhelming or even complicated due to the wide variety available. Again, door needs vary. Nonetheless, the right door can revitalize a space with its various aspects like style, the light it gives, and color.

There are several factors to consider when selecting oak doors, and this guide will be practical to make the job easier.


 Determine the Location of Installation

The place where the door is to be installed is of uttermost importance. Think about whether the door(s) will be on the outside or the inside. For the exterior, it may be more sensible to use a solid oak door, while a veneer oak door may be more suitable for the interiors.

A solid oak door is more tolerant to climate changes than a veneer oak door which may be prone to grain splits due to unfavorable climate.


Think About the Home’s Style and Door Design

Most homeowners like to work with a particular style within homes. Some people fancy more traditional looks, others want a more modern look, while some prefer to mix it up for a contemporary touch.

Oak doors can work excellently to match different styles due to their aesthetic value. Usually, the door’s design and finishing determine how well it fits a particular style. For instance, paneled oak doors will suit a traditional style, while oak flush veneers with grooved panels will create a subtle but modern style and add a bit of luxury.

Cottage-style oak doors will work well for those who are into country living, like cottage and barn residents. Flush oak doors will work excellently for those who love a minimalist and sleek style.


Consider the Door Finish

Oak door manufacturers make them in different finishes or have them unfinished primarily to accommodate various buyers.

Finished oak doors do not require varnishing or painting and come ready for installation. They are excellent and convenient choices for those who do not have the time or desire to finish independently.

Pre-finished doors come with an undercoat layer and will usually be ideal for painting, staining, or varnishing. Unfinished oak doors need varnishing after purchasing. Unfinished and pre-finished oak doors are excellent choices for those who want to customize or personalize.

You can still buy primed oak doors, but they need sanding and undercoating before treatment or painting.


 What’s the Door’s Purpose?

The primary uses for doors are separation, privacy, safety, and security. However, different oak doors will work to suit each function differently. For instance, those who want more silence can go for entirely solid oak doors as they are more acoustic.

Think about how the door will open contingent on the space available. Pocket oak doors will work well where the space is minimal or with open plan settings, and sliding oak doors are best for separating shared spaces and creating a connection link.

Traditional swing open doors are suitable for room separation but are less flexible than pocket, folding, or sliding doors. Single, double, or hinged oak doors are excellent front door choices.

If the intention is to introduce more natural light, a glazed oak door or one with glass will work well. It is still possible to mix up oak doors, for instance, frosted, unglazed, and glazed, for a consistent feel.

Building regulations may demand that your doors qualify as internal fire doors. This may be needed for a door leading from a storied house into the integral garage. It may also be required for a door on a stairway that leads to a habitable room. For such cases, you will need oak fire doors for fire safety protection.


The Door Size

For obvious reasons, it is essential to get the door’s measurements. You do not want to get a door that doesn’t fit its location. Most suppliers may offer standard door sizes, but depending on your goal, you may want the door customized. Getting the measurements will make the selection process quicker and more accessible.


The Cost

The wide availability of oak makes its doors relatively cheaper. However, the costs will not always be similar depending on factors like the finishing or style of the door. Oak doors that use less wood will be more affordable than those made entirely from solid oak. Unfinished oak doors are cheaper than finished, primed, or pre-finished ones.

Whatever the case, have a budget and choose a door that can accommodate it without too much financial strain. The truth is that there is an oak door for different budgets.

Your budget will also affect other additional items like door hardware. Therefore as you think about the door’s budget, consider the hardware too and find matching hardware for consistency.


Final Thoughts

Selecting the oak doors to use in a home requires some thought to ensure that they will serve their purpose and complement the home’s design. Ultimately, this will call for several considerations. For those who are a little confused or overwhelmed, the above guide will help you get an oak door that fits your needs.



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