Brighten Up Your Winter Wardrobe With Love Hero

Brighten Up Your Winter Wardrobe With Love Hero

Posted by Darya Badiei | 11 January 2022 | Fashion

The season of sequined & sparkly clothes might have come to an end,  but that doesn’t mean that we can’t continue wearing clothes that bring us immense joy and happiness in the colder winter months…

Injecting colour and bold prints into your wardrobe is a great way to do this. That’s why this week we are introducing Love Hero, a sustainable fashion brand that make the most fun yet chic clothing that is guaranteed to brighten up your wardrobe. Their pieces are a great choice for those who want to make sustainable and mindful purchases in 2022.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking to Joshua Scacheri, the Creative Director of Love Hero to find out the story behind their bold prints & sustainably made clothing.


What is the inspiration behind Love Hero and the colourful prints in your collection?

The inspiration behind Love Hero is all about the planet and people, and bringing colour into people’s lives. Our whole ethos is about never doing dark colours, even in winter. I’ve been working in the fashion industry for over 20 years now and I’ve seen that so many brands are scared of colour and that they might not sell well. But my idea is that everyone has a black or grey jacket in their wardrobes, so why not go for a bright blue or pink instead?

In terms of the prints, I create all of them myself. I usually start with photographs from nature.  For example, the print I have on at the moment is inspired by the tree rings that I took a photo of and then manipulated into this print.


What is your favourite piece from your collection and why?

The Dark Nature print is my favourite which highlights the elements of nature in a collage format. Every time you look at it, you discover elements that maybe you didn’t see the first time. The beauty about the print is also that we use Kornit digital, which is one of the most sustainable digital printing machines in the world as it does not use any water in the printing process.


Can you tell me a little about your 3D printed accessories and the process of creating them?

Our 3D printed accessories are fully circular. We collaborate with a company in London called Batch Works. All the materials are responsibly sourced and are derived from sugar cane or corn starch, or recycled PETG. So, if the user doesn’t wear the accessory anymore, they can send it back to us and we can recycle it and use it to make other accessories.


You use Blockchain technology to give customers a clear view of where the elements of their garments originate from, where they are made and by whom. Considering Blockchain is a relatively new technology, how have your customers responded to it so far?

For us, sustainability means full transparency. We want to make sure that our customers understand each product’s journey and our price points. We’ve partnered with a company called RETRACED who have a platform that we utilise.  We upload all the supply chain information on each product backed up with evidence which then goes live on the platform.

When our customers see the platform, they’re really wowed by it and I think it gives them reassurance that what they’re buying is what they’re getting.

What is an important lesson you had learned about running a sustainable fashion business in 2021 that you’d like to take forward to 2022?

One lesson I’ve learned is that if you’re going to do something, do it properly. When we all went into lockdown in 2020, a lot of brands started talking about change, and then when things started to reopen, you just saw the same format and no change. So, for me, when I started Love Hero with our co-founders, we really wanted to do this properly. We’re also learning as we go, we’re not experts, you know. But we try to do everything possible to be a sustainable brand… even down to our swing tags. We’ve created a functional swing tag that holds extra buttons as well as a washing paper which is an alternative to bottled washing liquid. It’s all about transforming the mind of our customers about leading a more sustainable life by paying attention to these small details.




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Written By: Darya Badiei | Fashion Content Editor 

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