Getting Ready In Record Time! 6 Fashion Tips For Busy Mums

Getting Ready In Record Time! 6 Fashion Tips For Busy Mums

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 25 January 2022 | Fashion, Style & Beauty

Being a busy mum might make you feel rushed at times, and getting ready for the outside world can be quite challenging. It might feel so difficult that you want to give up and simply stay home all day in your jammies. However, this is not always an option.

Whether you go to the office, grocery shop, or drop off and pick up your kids from school, there are occasions when you have to leave the house and look (and feel) good. And this shouldn’t take you a lot of time. In this article, we outline 6 fashion tips for busy mums that will help you get ready in record time.


You can create a distinctive look by pairing the right accessories with one of your favourite stylish pieces of clothing. An important accessory is a purse that matches your outfits and is large enough to hold everything a mom might need.

Another great tip is to put on jewellery. But be careful not to overdo anything. In general, it is recommended to keep things simple yet classy. For example, you can consider purchasing a pair of fine quality pearls, which you can wear on any occasion to elevate every look. Simply put them on and start your day confidently.

Mix comfort and style

Avoid succumbing to the comfort trap to save time and effort maintaining the most recent trends in women’s fashion. Instead, make wise clothing selections to achieve both comfort and style.

For instance, leggings are a simple and comfortable option, but you could also try a tunic, accessorise it with a scarf, and finish the look with ballet flats. Keep in mind that aesthetics shouldn’t be sacrificed for comfort.

Buy high-quality essentials

Moms usually choose a casual mum look that comprises of t-shirts and jeans because they spend a lot of their time chasing around their children. Despite their simplicity, jeans and t-shirts don’t have to seem boring. Consider investing in a pair of good-fitting jeans that look great with blazers, tank shirts, and pretty much anything else that will keep you comfy and last longer.

Get a pair of casual shoes that you can wear every day that are both nice-looking and comfy. Sneakers should be a necessary component of your daily wardrobe. When you’re a busy parent, it’s important to have comfortable shoes, but it’s also important to always look your best.

Make your best features stand out

To always look great, it’s important to highlight your best features and downplay your worst. Put on a little red lipstick if your lips are full to draw attention to your beautiful face. Choose a garment that highlights your attractive curves if you are a curvaceous woman.

The goal is to highlight one or two of your strongest traits while spending the least amount of time and effort possible. You won’t have to worry about looking too formal or too casual because your outfits will look more polished and gorgeous in this way. You’ll simply appear stunning.

Stylish choices

Every busy mom needs a go-to attire for some important events. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about what to wear all day; you can simply put on your planned comfy and fashionable clothing. The foundation of each ensemble should be two silk blouses and one pair of fine pants. Just wear heels when you leave the house. Put on your favorite necklace and pair of earrings, and you will look stunning in any situation.

Choose a makeup-free, natural appearance

Reduce your morning routine by going for a more natural look. Save yourself the time that it would take to complete a full-on makeup routine by eliminating the foundation. Simply apply a quality BB, CC, or tinted moisturiser to even out your skin colour.

By applying some lip gloss and mascara if necessary, you can start taking on your day in five minutes. A day spent completing chores can be very frustrating if you wear too much makeup.

Final thoughts

Maintaining a sense of style for busy moms is difficult because motherhood requires constant attention. So what would a mom who cares about fashion do in this circumstance? The secret is to stay at ease while still looking fantastic and attractive. When you’re busy, always put on warm clothes first. To save time and energy getting ready, always prepare your clothing for the following day. Accentuate your best features while also remembering to accessorise.


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