Stacey Jackson – Livin’ It Up for Wellbeing with Snoop

Stacey Jackson – Livin’ It Up for Wellbeing with Snoop

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 31 January 2022 | Health & Fitness, In Conversation With

From PTA mum to international recording sensation, South West London-based singer/songwriter, fitness guru, TV star, novelist and proud mum of four Stacey Jackson came to fame late in life, making her mark on the music industry when she hit 40 and then recorded with superstar artist Snoop Dogg.

Our Celebrity Editor Angela Sara West @angela_sara_west chats exclusively with the Canadian singing sensation, now one of the UK’s hottest dance music stars, during a sensational shoot at Stacey’s stunning home with Celebrity Photographer Earl (Stephen Santos) @wackpaper17photography about her health & fitness tips, the Staefit brand, how Snoop encouraged her to live her dreams, and why dancing is the key to great physical and mental health!After putting family first, this multi-talented Canadian singer’s successful career kicked off after she turned the big 4-0. “I really was the quintessential PTA mum,” she reveals.”I focused on settling my boys in at school and then I had other kids, so I didn’t work. I took around the first 15 years of my own career to focus solely on raising a family.”

Fortuitously, an excited Stacey was already well acquainted with the dance music world, due to her fitness industry relationship. “But I didn’t quite understand the nuances, like the DJs and the remixes… So I learnt. I really honed in on it because it’s an unbelievable industry and it’s grown and grown. It’s only recently really crossed over to America, which is still very much a country of Pop & Rock, but dance music is definitely crossing over more and more… you can see it crossing into the commercial world and yes, it’s niche, but so is Country, right?!!”

Now 52, she’s also famous for her music collaboration with Snoop Dogg, subsequent tracks and her TV show ‘Stacey Jackson in the 80s’ on Spotlight TV. She recorded with the legendary Snoop 10 years ago. “Being with Snoop was an experience in itself, and it was really great that he agreed to be on the record and, therefore, obviously believed in what I was doing, and he got to know what I was about. So his rap on my track ‘Live It Up’ was also very ‘drop your purse, let down your hair’…”

Stacey and Snoop bonded over parenting. “His kids are the same age as mine and he’s a family guy. When you write happy, fabulous music to get people up, you really have to know what you’re doing. We spent time together and talked about what inspired us, and that’s what made the record, really, for me – the experience. And he really got me, you know? He got the whole, ‘Okay, it’s time to leave the PTA mum thing – you’ve been there, done that – now it’s time for you to live your dream!’”

Raising four kids is no mean feat, but for many years now, Stacey has somehow managed to balance work with parenting and her fitness obsession.

‘StaePumped Vol 1 and 2’ pay homage to her love of fitness and took centre stage in the club and fitness scene. The huge-hearted singer pushed forward the release date of Vol 3 in 2020 to ensure profits from the album downloads, plus all sales from her fitness brand StaeFit, went towards various global charities to help the heroes and heroines on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unstoppable Stacey says her new single ‘Flipside’ is about understanding that there is only one YOU. “And that you have one life and only you can make your life positive and happy. I’m speaking for people like me, who juggle a family and a busy career. It’s about being able to live your own dreams, despite the obstacles in your way, or others who need and depend on you… Don’t let that stop YOU from feeding the fire burning inside you. For me, that was singing.”

Staefit forever!

Alongside recently relaunching her record ‘Live It Up: Rebooted Feat. Snoop Dogg’, Stacey’s also been busy penning a book, working on her TV show and started acting in a role she’s just landed in a new TV drama. But she’s keen to find time to focus on building her ‘Staefit’ brand sometime in 2022. “I developed this specific top to help women with issues with their boobs because, you know, they get in the way, right?!! With me, I get, like, rashes and you need support, but you don’t want it to strangle you, which is what happens to me…”

Her mission behind the brand? “That getting in and out of your workout top should NOT be the workout! Haha! I just wanted full coverage from a support bra that’s breathable. So, I created a supportive bra/top that also flatters your figure and absorbs the sweat, so it doesn’t cause irritation underneath the breasts where moisture could get trapped. Traditional workout bras either smoosh your boobs down, or have an irritating underwire and then you still have to wear a top over it. Staefit is all-in-one!”

Stacey sponsored a few charities with her Staefit brand. “I also sold my product on the Ideal Shopping channel and on Amazon, and I almost sold out!” Time to restock then? “Well, I was just about to produce a whole bunch more, but, unfortunately, we had a house fire and had to leave our Chelsea home. And then I got the call to do the TV series, so I had to make a decision on building the fitness brand or hosting a TV show.”

 Let’s get physical!

This full-of-beans fitness fanatic is justifiably self-respectful of her creative achievements. “I’m very proud of what I do, and proud that I learnt so much about it, and that I can produce these kind of records that people enjoy listening to, dancing to, and more importantly, they wanna move to, because anything that gets you off your ass and moving is great!”

“I can write songs just to beats… and I just listen to beats, and the faster the better, so 150 BPM and I’m like RUNNING through the park! If you listen to something that inspires you and makes you wanna get you up, all you need is like 15-20 minutes of good movement and you’re good to go!”

Stacey says fitness isn’t a resolution – it’s a lifestyle. “I’m not really a New Year’s resolution person, but I do reflect over the past year and ask myself what I could do better or differently this year and try to set myself realistic goals. Don’t bully yourself into changing your routine if you’re not ready to, and if you want to make a difference to your life, take it slowly and set a realistic target.”

“It’s not about getting your bum to the gym if you’re not really a big gym-goer, it’s just about incorporating more movement into your life. Sometimes it’s just the small things that make the big differences. Park your car a little further away or take the stairs rather than the elevator. And try not to make excuses! Like, if you hate burpees – don’t do burpees! Just find another type of exercise that you DO like – whether it be dancing around in the kitchen with your kids or walking the dog.”

Fitness & nutrition for wellbeing

The fitness follower says exercise helps enormously with her busy routine. “There is never a moment that I don’t have ‘something’ to do. But I always start my day with a workout because if I don’t do some form of exercise, it’s like not brushing my teeth; I feel yucky if I don’t. Plus, it gives me soooo much energy to start the day and it clears my head so I can focus.”

The mental health benefits of exercise are bountiful. “Personally, I find sanctuary in music, and in the gym. That’s what makes my life fulfilled. I find it and I want to pass it on to those who are struggling with not just mental health, but maybe their weight or other issues, and all you literally need to do is just dance. If I can inspire people to dance and be happy… Dancing is, I think, the key to everything!”

Outdoors, this adventurous singer loves climbing and hiking mountains. “But living in the city isn’t conducive to that. Plus, that activity takes a lot of time. So, realistically, I do about five HIIT classes a week, which are super intense workouts but take up a lot less of my day. I also love barre classes, which help with good posture.”

As for nutrition, “You probably hear this a lot, but everything in moderation,” she says. “I love to try everything, but I don’t load up my plate to the hilt. In fact, I trick my brain a bit by using a smaller plate!”Giving singing a shot, later in life

When it comes to singing, Stacey Jackson has certainly cracked it. Her message to others looking to enter the industry later in life? “A lot of people can say ‘Oh, screw this, it’s too late for me’, or ‘Well, I’ve got my kids and I’m really happy being a mom. I don’t need anything else. I’m exhausted after raising them so I’m just gonna enjoy my life now, I don’t have to do anything’. And, by the way, actually that’s great – it’s priceless being a parent – but I’m a do-er and a grower and I like to help and inspire people, and I felt like, if I didn’t give it a go, then I would never have known. Who knows, maybe it wasn’t my time when I was younger. Maybe my time … IS now… ” Stacey says.

“Like, I believe there is something in the stars where there’s a reason why I focused on my family first… And I got a lot of great experience out of it, that I could also put into my writing… I’ve lived life, I’ve lived through the generations of music and of fitness, I’ve lived through being a mother and an entrepreneur, I’ve actually had experience of working as a PR, in marketing roles, I understand what it’s like to get a record out there… I didn’t want to be in my 70s or 80s and go, ‘Well, I COULD have had a chance…’ and then look back and go, ‘Well 40 wasn’t really that old… maybe I SHOULD have given it a shot…’ you know? And so, I’m glad I did give it a shot. I want to be rocking when I’m 80!”

She advises to never take no for an answer. “Because sometimes when one door closes, another one opens”. Although she warns that you also have to be prepared for rejection. “It takes 20 years to become an overnight success and I’m still working on it. I feel very privileged and very lucky that I’ve had as much success out of what I’ve been doing, but it’s testament to the support I have around me… my husband’s amazing, my family is amazing.. they are my biggest cheerleaders. They really want to see me do what I love to do…”


Up next for Stacey Jackson? “2022 is very exciting for me… my first book coming out, I’m releasing two new EPs and, of course, I’m still filming ‘Stacey Jackson in the 80s’ on Sky, which airs weekly. So I’m on skids a lot… I’ve also been cast in a supporting role in a TV drama called ‘Channel 52’, and started shooting this month! I play the mother of one of the lead characters, which is great. We’re gonna film two seasons and I’m really excited about it!”

Stacey doesn’t ever seem to stop. “I live my life at 100 mph and don’t really turn off. I don’t like seeing the world roll around me and just I’m away. I have FOMO that way… I need to keep on top of my stuff.”

All about happiness, Stacey says, ”I just wanna live EVERY second of the day, doing something that makes me happy. And it could be anything… watching TV, hanging out with my kids, my family… and working actually makes me happy. Life is too short to do stuff you don’t enjoy. Keep on dancing!”

Stacey’s new single ‘Flipside’ is out now.

Her book ‘How Snoop Dogg Made Me A Better Mom’ is set for a summer 2022 release. For further info, visit: Follow Stacey: @staerox

Along with The Prince’s Trust, Stacey supports several other charities, including Breast Cancer Research and Music for Youth, and is a Patron of the Arts of the Serpentine. Stateside, Stacey’s involved with A.D.I.D.A.S.:

Written By: © Angela Sara West 2021| @angela_sara_west

Follow Stacey:



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