The Best of Hot Yoga, Wimbledon

The Best of Hot Yoga, Wimbledon

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 14 January 2022 | Guide to Wimbledon, Health & Fitness

In our quest for wellness, its easy to forget that the path toward progress doesn’t have to be gruelling. From food diaries, to workout plans, trying to strike the right balance between discipline and disaster is not easy. In a bid to change that, we introduce to you none other than Hot Pod Yoga. With ten years of experience, and already well loved amongst its SW locals, Hot Pod Yoga offers an immersive Vinyasa style workout, suited to all from the seasoned to the sceptic.

Their infamous inflatable studio is kept at a toasty 37 degrees. With a mood lit room, soothing sounds playing, and the use of aroma diffusion, the Hot Pod studio provides the perfect get away from all your worldly stresses and worries.

Equipped with both the experience and knowledge needed to guide you along your yoga journey, the down to earth team are always on hand to support you and your needs. Whether your a newbie, looking for a change of environment, or just a quick escape from reality, Hot Pod Yoga’s enchanting atmosphere and and feel good vibe is sure to make a lasting impression.

If you didn’t already know, Yoga practice is of benefit to both mind and body. Whether your goals are to get stronger, increase mobility, or just relieve stress, yoga is the kingpin that will take you there. Not only does committing to breathwork and flow in vinyasa sequences leave you feeling calmer, it drastically improves longterm joint health, reduces anxiety, and by increasing circulation to the bodies lymphatic system, helps with recovery from a variety of maladies. Yoga offers benefits for people of all ages, and for those who want help recovering from surgery or living with a chronic condition, a guided yoga practice can potentially hasten healing.

Dont miss out on all the benefits of Hot Yoga, sign up for a class today.



Instagram: @hotpodyogasouthwimbledon

Written By: EyesofLadyWimbledon | Health and Beauty Editor


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