EsQue Parfums by Aisha SadiQ

EsQue Parfums by Aisha SadiQ

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 1 April 2022 | Beauty
After Lady W’s International Women’s Day party at Cannizaro House, Hotel Du Vin, guests left with a goody bag packed full of luxury gifts. One of them being mini perfumes from EsQue Parfums. We spoke to Aisha sadiQ, the founder and C.E.O of EsQue to find out more about what makes her products and brand so amazing.
“Ive always loved fragrances and perfumes hence I wanted to create something that would ignite your senses in a typical ESQUE kinda way!”
“My father is from Hong Kong and my mother from Pakistan therefore I naturally have an exotic background,
I use the different cultures to help me create beautiful and unique blends!”
“Wearing parfum is like wearing an outfit, very individual, each scent has a different outcome on each person and most scents change from when you put them uptil the next couple of minutes. I would like to say that I have become a bit of an expert in assessing which scents will suit which people.

EsQue Parfum draws its inspiration from the elements in our everyday surroundings to create very unique and bespoke fragrances which are elegant as well as long lasting.We aim to provide a service and experience that is unrivaled, exclusive and distinctive, something personal for you that you can talk about and mostly importantly feel special with all day long.

EsQue scents are Vegan, Alcohol free, Oil and Oud based Eau de Parfum which are suitable for both men and women.

“Wear it, Own it, Love it, Live it, EsQue it”

Written By: Lydia Ray

Facebook: @LadyWimbledon
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