Passion in the Easter Garden

Passion in the Easter Garden

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 16 April 2022 | Home & Garden
‘Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life’- S.D Gordon
Easter is the very epitome of spring and the perfect place to enjoy spring is in the garden.
Whilst we associate Easter with Eggs and Chocolate there are also many flowers that are symbolic of the holiday .
The Passion flower or Passiflora, so named by 16th century Christian missionaries who believed the flowers symbolised the Passion of Jesus Christ, has a close association due to its shape and form. Some believe that the circle of petals represented  the crown of thorns Jesus wore . The flowers bloom for roughly three days which is thought to represent the three days Jesus spent in the tomb.  However, irrespective of religious beliefs , the Passion Flower is a striking and intricate addition to any garden. There are around 550 species of the plant, and is a vigorous and hardy grower despite being native to South America.
There is plenty of choice to bring a touch of the exotic to your garden. The most well- known is the ‘Blue Passion Flower’ or Passiflora Caerulea’. An exotic semi-evergreen climber that does produce orange egg-shaped fruit but it is not especially edible as this beauty is mainly grown for it’s showstopping flowers, that bloom from July to September.  It’s hardy and prolific and will easily cover a fence, wall or trellis. The Blue Passion flower likes a sheltered spot in full sun or part shade and prefers moist but well drained soil.  Dig some horticultural grit into the hole when planting and tilt towards the obelisk or fence you want to train it up. Cut back after flowering or cut away damaged growth in Spring for a healthy plant.
If pinks and red’s are more your colour scheme, the ‘Passiflora Violacea’ or ‘Violet Passion Flower’ is a hybrid and produces beautiful bowl shaped, reddish purple flowers with white stamens or perhaps you want something particularly eye-catching,in which case try ‘Passiflora Incarnata’. Commonly known as the ‘Purple Passion Flower’ . This boasts intricate blooms that explode with colour . It’s showy purple and white flowers have beautiful and distinctive frizzy tendrils that create a softer more romantic impression.

Ultimately , flowers blooming  are the very essence of Easter. New life, that dies off and then comes back to life the following year. Enjoy this special celebration , whatever you are doing and take it as a fantastic chance to get planting!
 ‘Where Flowers Bloom, So does Hope’
-Lady Bird Johnson.

Written By: Nina Motylinski | Home & Garden Editor

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