What is Dog DNA testing?

What is Dog DNA testing?

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 25 April 2022 | Magazine, News
What breed is your dog?

As a dog owner, understanding your dog’s genetic make up allows you to understand your dog better and more importantly how to care for their needs in a tailored way.  Wisdom Panel™ DNA tests you can uncover the breed mix of your dog, dig into the ‘’why’’ behind their physical features, test for over 250+ genetic health disorders and even find their relatives!

They apply the latest and greatest science to help pet parents provide the best possible care for their dogs. Their new breed detection system is now more accurate and efficient than any other.

It takes just 15 seconds to swab your dog for a DNA sample, you’ll then post it back to the lab (for free) and as soon as they receive it, that’s when the science starts. After 2-3 weeks and millions of calculations, your results will arrive in your inbox. Then it’s time for you to throw a breed reveal party!

To accurately detect a dog’s breed mix, you need three things:

  • The ability to collect data at key locations (variants) across the dog’s genome

  • A sizeable reference database of genetic samples from verified breed s

  • A sophisticated set of algorithms to process all the data and make ancestry classifications

As well as better dog care, by testing your pet’s DNA with Wisdom Panel™, you’re contributing to the largest veterinary genetic research study (ever).

Each test carries us closer to the next scientific breakthrough in pet health. In other words, your results not only help you take better care of your dog but also empower Wisdom Panel to improve the lives of pets everywhere for generations to come. If that isn’t incentive to do the test I don’t know what is!

Go and visit the Wisdom Panel at their festival 2022, they can tell you all about themselves and how you can understand and know your dogs needs better than before.

Instagram: @wisdompanel.uk

Facebook: WisdomPanel

Website: https://www.wisdompanel.com/en-gb

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