Sam Deville Brings Bespoke Pilates to Wimbledon Village

Sam Deville Brings Bespoke Pilates to Wimbledon Village

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 30 May 2022 | Guide to Wimbledon, Health & Fitness

New on the fitness scene of Wimbledon Village this season is Sam Deville, who runs her own bespoke Pilates business in the heart of the Village. In her beautiful house, just off the common, she has a custom-made Pilates studio where she holds small group classes and 1:1 sessions.Sam has been passionate about Pilates for many years, but she truly fell in love with it when it saved her body after having her twin daughters. Facing surgery to correct a severe diastasis recti (tummy muscle separation), she turned to Pilates in the hope that with time she might be able to avoid going under the knife again (having already had two c-sections). The results were astonishing and ever since then she has vowed to bring the power of Pilates to anyone and everyone she meets!Sam’s sessions are 100% tailor made to each individual and her love for Pilates is infectious. She takes the time to listen to a client’s aims and expectations and works with them on a plan to, in her words “feel longer, stronger and empowered”. She spends most of her days seeing clients 1:1 but does run small group classes every morning – with a maximum of four participants – for those who’d prefer to try Pilates with others. Classes and 1:1s are challenging in all the right ways and everyone walks out her studio feeling energised and athletic.“Pilates for me is more than just a pastime, it’s a way of life. Precision, Posture and Power – we learn the moves and then we tweak them until they’re perfected for maximum results”Pilates is unique when compared to most other forms of exercise as it builds deep postural strength. It works not only the global muscles system (all the big muscles we can see) but it also targets the local muscle system. The local muscle system is all the tiny little deep muscles that stabilise and protect the body.“With a strong local and global muscle system, you have a strong body and improved posture. This is the true power of Pilates”.

Join Sam in her studio for a 1:1 or small group class to find out how it can help transform your body.



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