Dress Sustainably this Wimbledon

Dress Sustainably this Wimbledon

Posted by Darya Badiei | 15 June 2022 | Fashion, Style & Beauty

Wimbledon is upon us again, and we cannot be any more excited about it. I mean, not only is our blog mainly centred around the Wimbledon area, but we’re also huge fans of the tournament itself.

As one of the biggest sporting events of the season with millions of viewers around the world, dressing well for the occasion is key. Whether you’re lucky enough to be in the centre court watching the matches in person, or sitting with your friends in your local pub or even attending Lady Wimbledon’s party, we’ve got some great outfit suggestions for you. Not only will these pieces help you dress well, but are also more environmentally and socially responsible pieces selected from some of our favourite independent brands.

Our top choice of clothing for watching Wimbledon is a classic white dress. It’s a failsafe option and will also be a great piece to add to your wardrobe as we’re approaching the warmer summer months.

Eyelet detail mini dress by NOCTURNE

Mini V Dress by OLIVIA DARCY


If you’d like to wear something more colourful, bold, and a little easier to maintain (let’s be honest, white dresses can be quite hard to keep perfectly white when out and about), we’d suggest one of these chic printed dresses.

ALTA Spring Bud Dress by AGGI

Flo Milkmaid Midi Dress in Blue Cherry by MONIKA THE LABEL


A classic striped shirt is a great choice if you would like to wear something more casual but still dress well for the occasion. Coupled with a pair of jeans or light-coloured trousers and you are good to go!

Georgina One-sleeve Puffed Top by ELISA SANNA

Coby Striped Top in Blue by PEOPLE TREE


Regardless of the clothes you choose to wear, accessorising is key to elevating your look. If you would like to go for a safe option, we would recommend choosing a bag in white or neutral colours. But, if we had to pick something, we would go for a bright bag to add a pop of colour to your outfit. You’d be surprised how much that can transform your whole look!

Cassiopeia Creme Bag by MASHU

Tan & Cream Mini Handbag by LUXTRA

Nicole Purple Bag by MASHU


Last but certainly not least, choose from one of these classic straw fedora hats to finish your look off.

GIGI BURRIS Recycled Cotton Straw Fedora

Olivia Womens Straw Hat Crafted from Recycled Paper Straw


Written By: Darya Badiei | Fashion Content Editor 

Facebook: @LadyWimbledon
Instagram: @EyesOfLadyWimbledon
Twitter: @EyesOfLadyW

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