Flowers that last forever by Fleur de la Couture

Flowers that last forever by Fleur de la Couture

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 11 June 2022 | Home & Garden

Experience flowers that are forever

Fleur de la Couture create beautiful floral installations for events, parties and weddings using luxury silk flowers.

They use incredibly realistic faux florals and foliage to make designs that range from dramatic hanging installations and arches to bouquets and stunning table arrangements, as well as decorating shop fronts, festival stands, and commercial spaces.

Silk flowers are growing in popularity for events, parties and weddings. Fleur de la Couture’s designs are so realistic that they’re often mistaken for the real thing.

All designs are bespoke, and florist sisters Genni and Ellie will work with you to create custom florals that match your colours, theme and style perfectly, and turn your event from ‘average’ to ‘awesome’. They set everything up, ensure the venue is looking beautiful, then collect designs the next day.

And the best thing: none of their stems get thrown away! Each hired design is carefully dismantled and the stems are repurposed into future designs, making silk flowers a more sustainable, guilt-free alternative to fresh flowers.

For weddings, Fleur de la Couture also create bouquets and buttonholes, which are purchased by the bridal party, making them a wonderful keepsake (brides love being able to keep their bouquets!).

As well as being stunningly realistic, one of the advantages of silk flowers is that they’re incredibly practical. They won’t wilt or need watering and will stay looking fresh and beautiful, and will be ready for you to use at any time. Designs can be set up in your venue at any time, alleviating any last-minute stress. You can also choose non-seasonal flowers (yes, peony season can be every season!) and you can have much more control over your floral designs.

Fleur de la Couture also create interior design bouquets for home styling and gifts. You can check these out via their sister company, Fleur du Coeur.


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