Nadia Essex Talks Tennis, Love Island & Wellbeing!

Nadia Essex Talks Tennis, Love Island & Wellbeing!

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 8 July 2022 | In Conversation With

Nadia Essex of Celebs Go Dating fame will be among our Celebrity Editor Angela Sara West’s @angela_sara_west glamorous guests at our star-studded event tomorrow.

Angela talks tennis, love affirmations, Love Island, women’s safety & wellbeing with the TV personality, columnist and former dating expert on the popular E4 reality series ahead of The Tennis Party!

I understand you’re a big tennis fan and used to play…?

Yes! I don’t have much time these days as I’m running around after a toddler, but I would LOVE to start playing again. I grew up in Epsom, so Wimbledon was something well known and celebrated where I lived. I love the sport, the strawberries and cream and the atmosphere. It’s electric in person or on TV!

Your fave players?

The Williams sisters have to be top. What wonderful stories and such amazing achievements as women of colour who have opened doors and pushed boundaries for a fairer sport.

What were a few of your Celebs Go Dating highlights?

Ah, working with Paul and Tom were my top highlights! They are the most wonderful men and I loved spending every day with them.

Tell me a little about your book – 101 Tips for Dating After a Pandemic… How has it been received?

It’s been wonderful and I am looking at writing a follow-up later in the year. It was the first ever UK book around dating after a pandemic. It’s packed with 101 tips to get back out there. Luckily now most restrictions have been dropped, but the core advice always stays the same. It’s available on Amazon and Kindle now.

I LOVE your love affirmations! What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would advise myself to be kinder to myself. I thought I was so fat and so insecure, and actually I was beautiful and didn’t allow myself to see it. You will never regret being kind to yourself.

Tell me a little about your recent wellness journey with Surrey’s amazing Reiki Master Carole Mackie at the beautiful Medicine Gardens in Surrey…

I had never had Reiki before working with Carole – it’s honestly changed my life! I love every session and come away with a clearer mind and calmer stance. I always sleep amazingly well that night. It really works wonders!

Love Island is back on the box – are you watching?

I watched a few episodes because I love to keep abreast (pun intended!) I’m a little old for Love Island now, but from a professional perspective it’s brilliant. This year has been the best since dear Caroline passed…

You’re also the founder of Women’s Safety Forum – how’s that going?

Wonderfully! We launched a crowdfunding campaign this week for a new women’s safety app. The fact is, right now women can go out with their friends on a night out, and there is a real possibility they never make it home… Just this last week another women was murdered in Illford just going home. That’s the 54th this year. This HAS to stop so I’m working with tech guys to build an app that will help make sure women always get home safely.


All donations are so gratefully received and we offer rewards too, so it’s a ‘win win’ if people donate!

The website is


Follow Nadia: @ladynadiaessex


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