7 Tips for a Sustainable Winter Wardrobe

7 Tips for a Sustainable Winter Wardrobe

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 1 October 2022 | Fashion, Style & Beauty

As the crisp winter air starts to creep in, so does the challenge of dressing well while maintaining a sustainable winter wardrobe. Whether you are on the hunt for a few items on your Christmas shopping list or just looking for clothes for yourself, every choice you make matters when it comes to creating a sustainable winter wardrobe. Check out our tips below and get started!

1.Declutter and Organise Your Wardrobe

Having an organised closet is the first step in creating a sustainable winter wardrobe. Take all your clothes out and analyse each piece individually. Whatever is damaged, take to the tailor to have fixed. All the items which you haven’t worn in the last two years or that don’t fit you anymore, but are in good condition, donate to charity or resell them for a little extra pocket money. Whether it is clothes or jewellery, only keep the items that are made out of quality materials, or that have a sentimental meaning to you – like that gorgeous collection of vintage pearls you inherited from your grandma, your go-to old sweater or that elegant pair of drop earrings you received as a gift on your birthday.

2. Change Your Shopping Perspective

The good thing about having an organised closet is that you can see exactly what you own and what is missing.

To help you ditch your impulse spending habits, only go shopping with a list and only buy must-have winter items and nothing else. Until you create a healthy habit of spending mindfully, you could also try leaving your credit card at home when you go shopping and only take cash with you. This will limit your spendings and make you think twice about any purchase you make.

3.Wait One Week Before You Make Any Purchase

Breaking the never-ending cycle of shopping for clothes that you rarely use is very important when creating a sustainable wardrobe. A great trick is to always wait one week before you purchase any new item. More often than not, you will change your mind and realise that you don’t actually need that new dress or fancy pair of shoes.

4.Choose Organic Fabrics

Sustainable fabrics means any natural fabric that has not been treated with toxic chemicals. This can be organic cotton, linen, wool, leather, hemp, or peace silk. So, make sure you read the labels to see what fabrics the clothes are made of and stay away from polyester, nylon, acrylic, rayon and lycra.

 5.Opt for Timeless Items

Better quality sustainable clothes will last much longer than mainstream fashion items. Which is why you should purchase timeless items instead of on-trend clothes. This means basic colours, less prints, timeless designs and natural fabrics. A basic wool sweater, a pair of well-fitted jeans, and a classic winter coat are the perfect combination to get you started.

6.Research Before You Buy

Before you start shopping, spend some time researching sustainable fashion brands and gather as much information as you can about what fabrics they use, where the clothes are made, and if they are using sustainable packages. Only shop from brands that are really sustainable, and transparent about their business.

 7.Take Care of Your Clothes

If you want to enjoy your good-quality pieces of clothing for years to come, you need to take good care of them. Always check the tags for care instructions before you throw them in the washing machine, and don’t use chemical detergents, to avoid contaminating your clothes and polluting the water.

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