4 Reasons To Refresh Doors In Your Home

4 Reasons To Refresh Doors In Your Home

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 7 December 2022 | Home & Garden

How you arrange your home affects your lifestyle. While some changes offer obvious benefits, others provide nifty perks you may not know about.

Doors are particularly underestimated in this regard. Viewed as little more than a screen to create privacy or quiet in a home, doors can actually yield a host of additional advantages. Play your cards right, and your lifestyle could be improved in more ways than one here.

There are many reasons to refresh your home’s doors. We’ve listed the 4 best ones for you to peruse after the jump.


Complementing the Décor

Doors can either facilitate the decorative themes of your property or serve as harsh disruptors of the aesthetic you’re going for. The difference lies in how you utilise them.

The door handle collection by Corston provides many examples of your doors can add to the stylish sophistication of your property. There are antique brass door handles and polished nickel varieties to choose from. You could even go with a bronze option, too. Once you’ve chosen the door handles you like, you can match them with hinges, door stops, and locks made of similar materials.

These customisation options give you a more uniform approach to the doors in your property. Whether your property is a contemporary or traditional design, your door furniture can perpetuate it all. Because doors can often be the most unassuming areas of a home, the chance to give them more personality will ensure they make a bold impression.


Slashing Insurance Fees

Many logistics are wrapped up with how secure your home is. Insurance is one of them.

The less vulnerable your property is, the less you’ll have to pay for insurance. Doors can be reinforced with stronger materials. Installing multiple types of locks is a smart move alongside deadbolts, some of which can auto-lock. Video doorbells can also be a great addition to the front door. A multi-layered approach is best and gives you and your insurer more peace of mind.

That said, there are some things to note here. For example, some insurers specify which types of locks you should have, so checking all the policy documents related to your agreement is advised. It may even be prudent to eventually switch if there are non-listed customisation options you prefer. Ultimately, as long as you go about things correctly, there’s potential for significant savings.


Boosting Energy Efficiency

Insurance costs are not the only thing you can save on if your new door has all the latest bells and whistles. Energy expenses can be reduced too.

Any doors you currently have installed can be draught-proofed. Strips can seal the gaps around your front door and ensure your letterbox isn’t drafty as well. Sliding and conservatory doors should also undergo the same measures. These changes are quick and easy, stopping the cold from coming in and preventing your home’s heat from getting out.

Regulations also dictate that a new external door must generally feature integrated insulation. While you may need permission from the relevant building’s control body to install a new door, priorities are in the right place here. There’s a set standard to meet, which should help you recognise the legitimacy of making these changes.

It’s also worth noting that the price of energy has increased recently. While it’s important not to let the negativity become all-consuming, it’s in your best interests to make the smartest decisions possible around your energy consumption. Door replacements and/or upgrades can help with that.


Adding Property Appeal

Your front door serves as a first impression for others. It’s also a key component of your home’s overall kerb appeal, which can lead to many benefits if you get things right.

After all, reports indicate that the very colour of your door can add value to your home. It’s likely that the other changes mentioned in this article so far could contribute as well. If you wish to sell up and move one day, your door can move that process along in a favourable way.

Adding value is an important point to mention in the climate of today’s property markets. Home prices are falling drastically year-on-year, causing stress for many would-be sellers. So, anything that gives your home a bit of a valuation boost isn’t to be scoffed at. There’s plenty of room for potential here.

A great front door will also make prospective homeowners feel more warmth toward your home. It may create a more inviting feel and give viewers a more optimistic approach to what lies beyond it. It all begins with the front door, so the more you make positive changes to yours, the better.



Your doors can be a real asset to your property and prospects. Though it might seem like an unlikely place for harbouring such potential, they are gateways of opportunity and shouldn’t be underestimated. Upgrade the aesthetics and functionality of your doors, and you can bring down your insurance costs, cut your energy fees, and flesh out your property’s appeal.

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