48 London, lifestyle and concierge service

48 London, lifestyle and concierge service

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 30 March 2023 | In Conversation With, Style & Beauty

48 London is a leading lifestyle management and concierge company offering a personalised approach tailored to the individual.

What is unique about your concierge service?

 Our Bespoke service is what sets us apart. Through our specialist knowledge and connections both at home in the UK and across the globe, we ensure our members have access to the finest there is to offer. Unlike many of our competitors, we have placed a significant emphasis on Wellness, which has been at the forefront of our ethos since we set up 48 London in 2015. We noticed that there was not a lifestyle management and concierge service offering a truly holistic, 360-degree service, which focused on our clients wholly, from the inside out. We pride ourselves on offering a highly personalised service, building strong and genuine connections with all our clients which leaves them feeling comfortable enough to really ask us anything, we delve deep into our clients’ lives and how we can best assist them and streamline their everyday.

How did you both meet? 

We both met back in 2010, when we were working in the Harrods Personal Shopping department ‘By Appointment’. Sophie was heading up the department and hired Hope as an intern fresh out of university and the rest is history. We have a strong and close personal friendship as well as working together, which we hold very dear and believe that our genuine relationship is a reason why people feel comfortable with us both. We both worked with UHNW and HNW individuals from around the world, looking after a diverse range of requests, and this set us in good stead for anything to come. We worked together really well, both sharing a drive and passion for exemplary customer service, never saying no and making our clients feel safe and secure, these clients were often public figures, or members of Royal Families or Heads of State and it was of upmost importance we treated everybody with the same level of respect and discretion.  We share a lot of common interests and a similar work ethic, which kept us working together as a strong team in Harrods and to go on to join forces and create 48 London a few years later.

Congrats on your huge success, it seems everyone is talking about 48 London. 

Did you ever expect to receive such high-profile press? 

 Thank you! We feel very proud of where we are today, and we are so pleased to be recognised as a service that genuinely enhances and adds real value to our clients’ lives. We had a strong feeling when we set up that what we were creating with 48 London was different from anything else out there and we have not wavered from that, so in that respect we have always fully believed in what we are doing and its potential and it is always very reassuring when we receive this high profile press that solidifies that for us. That being said, I don’t think we will ever quite get used to opening up the likes of The Times or The Guardian and seeing our faces there! We have loved being featured in some remarkable publications, one of our first Glossy press articles was for Harper’s Bazaar, where they interviewed us on what it’s really like to run a concierge company and since then we have been lucky enough to have been featured in The Times, having been interviewed by Hilary Rose discussing the impact that the Covid-19 Pandemic had on the super-rich, The Telegraph, The Guardian and Country Life Magazine to name a few. At the start of April, we will be featured in The Guardian on their ‘Good Life’ list, which highlights and recommends 48 London as a service that can best enhance and improve your life.

Beautiful tiled colonnade in a Marrakech riad.

What’s been your strangest request? (anonymous of course) 

Whilst we keep discretion at our forefront, we do pride ourselves on assisting clients with the everyday to the extravagant, which with it comes its fair share of the more extraordinary requests. We organised an immersive pirate treasure hunt on a beach in St Barth’s, along with the crew of a luxury yacht for a client who was on his honeymoon, we had ancient scrolls made, costumes sourced and a whole host of buried treasure for the bride to find. We transformed a client’s home in the middle of beautiful sunny Florida into a complete winter wonderland grotto for Santa’s visit, complete with immersive festive decoration, snow, a post-box especially for letters to Santa, carrots, cookies and Santa himself. We worked on a private photoshoot for a client along with an extremely well regarded fashion photographer, in a stately home in London complete with a real live unicorn and an expert animal trainer on hand to create the perfect unicorn ‘jump’ to create an absolutely stunning portrait for the clients’ new home.  One Easter we took to the mountains, and had an igloo carved out atop the mountain in Switzerland for a surprise date, complete with a private chef, entertainment and a campfire loaded with Smore’s. We really have had such a rich experience when it comes to the variety of requests and we could honestly write a book about them all…stay tuned!

We absolutely love the variety of what we do and it makes our day to day so interesting and unique.

We love your motto ‘not taking no for an answer’ Does this also apply to your personal attitude to your personal life? 

It definitely does! We both carry this personality trait into our personal day to day, whether it be Hope wanting pair of trainers that is sold out, we will both relentlessly search for them and one of us will always find them! Sophie is a stickler for perfection when it comes to her children’s birthday parties and takes the same level of dedication and attention to detail doing these as she would with a client’s party, everything down to the balloon colour coordination, party bag contents and the entertainment, we both don’t stop until we know it is 100% right! We strongly believe our mutual obsession with always getting the best end result and never saying no enables us to work so well together as neither one of us will give up!

How do we find out more about 48 London? 

You can find out more about us on our website, www.48london.com and on Instagram @48london, however the best way to find out more is to email us directly at hope@48london.com and sophie@48london.com and we will be able to send over our Membership Brochure and organise an initial call to discuss further how we work and how anybody who is interested in our services may benefit from taking out membership.

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