Mixing Eras: Creating Contemporary Outfits With Vintage Gems

Mixing Eras: Creating Contemporary Outfits With Vintage Gems

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 7 August 2023 | Style & Beauty

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, creativity knows no bounds! Imagine taking a journey through time by blending the charm of bygone eras with the chic of modern style. That’s where the magic of mixing eras comes into play.

Get ready to unlock the secrets of creating one-of-a-kind contemporary outfits using vintage clothing to its best advantage. Let’s dive in!

Bridging The Gap Between Past And Present

Fashion is a language that speaks across generations. Mixing eras in your outfits allows you to create a visual narrative that transcends time.

Vintage garments are the key ingredients in this adventure. Think delicate lace from the Victorian era combined with bold prints of the ’70s, or elegant silk from the Art Deco period paired with the minimalism of the ’90s.

The possibilities are as vast as your imagination.

Curating Your Vintage Treasure Trove

The first step in this thrilling fashion journey is curating a collection of vintage clothing to mix and match with your contemporary garments.

Charity shops, flea markets, online marketplaces, and speciality vintage shops are all likely hunting grounds but arguably the best option is Vintage Wholesale UK. They have a wide array of high-quality designer vintage clothing that you can buy in bulk to keep your wardrobe well-stocked.

The Art Of Pairing And Balancing

Mixing eras is an art that involves balance. Start by selecting a dominant vintage piece – this could be a stunning fabric, a retro accessory, or a statement garment. This piece becomes the cornerstone of your outfit.

Then, build around it with contemporary elements. For instance, pair a Victorian lace blouse with modern high-waisted jeans and ankle boots. The juxtaposition of styles creates a head-turning effect.

Embrace The Unexpected

The beauty of mixing eras lies in unexpected combinations. Don’t be afraid to experiment with textures, patterns, and silhouettes. Picture a ’50s polka dot skirt matched with a futuristic metallic top. The clash of eras adds depth and intrigue to your ensemble.

Remember, fashion is about expressing yourself, and this fusion of styles lets you tell a unique story.

Accessorise With Finesse

Accessories are your secret weapons when blending eras. A vintage scarf from the ’60s can transform a modern blazer into a conversation starter. Consider vintage-inspired jewellery, such as Art Deco-influenced earrings – a style that’s still as hot as ever a century after its inception – or a trendy ’90s choker, to tie your look together. Accessories allow you to introduce subtle hints of nostalgia without overpowering your contemporary aesthetic.

Confidence Is Key

Walking the path of mixing eras requires confidence. Own your style choices and wear them with pride. The fusion of vintage and modern reflects your willingness to think outside the box and celebrate the rich history of fashion.

When you wear your outfit with confidence, you become a walking work of art, inspiring others to explore their own fashion horizons.

Document Your Fashion Adventure

As an influencer, your journey through the world of mixing eras is an experience worth sharing. Document your fabric hunts, style experiments, and the stories behind each vintage piece. Your audience will appreciate the glimpse into your creative process and might even be inspired to embark on their own fashion fusion quests.

In the end, mixing eras isn’t just about clothing – it’s a celebration of the diverse tapestry of fashion history. Vintage clothing offers a treasure trove of possibilities for creating contemporary outfits that honour the past while embracing the present.


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