The mutual benefits of luxury dog beds

The mutual benefits of luxury dog beds

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 1 November 2023 | Home & Garden

Dogs are definitely man’s best friend. Although brought in as pets, these four-legged tail-waggers quickly rise to become an integral part of our family and life at home. It is only right that they are given the very best treatment, from regular exercise and good nutrition to plenty of comfortable resting spaces.

Although they might seem like an unnecessary investment, there are mutual benefits of luxury dog beds for both you and your pets. Let’s look at why it’s worth splashing the cash and giving your pooch some pampering.

Aesthetically pleasing

One of the key advantages of choosing from a collection of luxury dog beds is that these designs are more aesthetically pleasing. There is a greater variety at this end of the price scale, so you are sure to find something that blends seamlessly with your décor – or even enhances it.

Go for a light colour and smooth material to match chic and contemporary interiors, or use rich colours and fabrics to bring warmth to a rustic or vibrant environment.

Specific sizing

Luxury dog beds also tend to have more specific sizing options. This means that you can tailor your choice exactly to the dimensions of your dog’s breed for exceptional comfort. As dogs spend around 12 hours of the day sleeping, it is important that they have a comfortable space to rest.

Specific sizing will also help you to incorporate the dog bed within your home design. Using exact measurements, you can fit the bed precisely into a designated place such as in an alcove, under a countertop, or on a window sill.

Superior materials

High-end beds for dogs are made out of superior materials and there are many major advantages to this.

Most importantly, the dog beds will be more cosy for your pup. They will also be longer lasting and less prone to wear and tear. You could prioritise easy-clean fabrics or special hypoallergenic options.

Better quality materials will also give your interiors a luxury lift. From lustrous velvet to sleek faux leather, there are fabrics to suit all styles and tastes and transition smoothly between the seasons.

Special designs

Luxury dog bed designers also have an edge over those selling standard models because they offer a range of special designs. From beds with steps to delicate golden cages, special dog beds keep your pooch safe and happy while looking visually striking at the same time.

You can also find special designs that will aid your dog’s health. These range from orthopaedic beds that support weak joints to memory foam mattresses that will cradle your pup as they sleep.


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