How to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

How to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 1 November 2023 | Home & Garden

The bathroom is often one of the more underserved rooms in a home. It serves an essential purpose, but not a particularly glamorous one; as such, it is frequently overlooked in favour of more enjoyable spaces when redecorating a tired house.

But why shouldn’t your bathroom feel every bit as spruced as your other living spaces? Indeed, a better bathroom can dramatically improve your quality of life in a number of ways, and enthral guests just as much as any living room. But what might you do in order to spruce up your bathroom the right way?

Clean and Regrout

Bringing bathroom back to its magnificent best doesn’t necessarily mean ripping everything out and starting over. Instead of resigning to such a costly, finicky measure, you could instead start with making the most of what you do have – which likely isn’t in its best possible condition.

Your bathroom tiles, and the grout that holds them together, can tarnish over time. The tiles are great recipients for soap scum, while the grout can harbour mould and mildew as well as grains of dirt. A deep-clean of your tiles, and a decent regrout while you’re at it, can completely revitalise your bathroom walls.

Install New Shower Features

Another way to spruce up your bathroom without the associated hardships of a complete refit is simply to replace some key elements. Updating or upgrading the elements that you use daily, such as your shower or faucets, can deliver the most value through both form and function.

Your shower, particularly, is a golden opportunity to improve your bathroom. A modern power shower could not only revolutionise your mornings, but also your energy expenditure, with less water usage and higher heat efficiency on average.

Dazzle With a New Mirror

This same principle can be applied to other aspects of your bathroom. We often take our bathroom mirrors for granted – a point proven by the level of grossness they can get to before we think to wipe them down. By this same token, we can become blind to the aesthetic impacts of everyday fixtures like our mirrors. A new statement bathroom mirror to hang over your sink can be a powerful and cost-effective way to transform your bathing space.

Brightness is Best-ness

The saving grace for any room’s enjoyability is the presence of light. Naturally-lit spaces glow with warmth and accessibility, while darker spaces become all the cosier for the presence of ambient lighting. Bathrooms are notoriously harsh spaces if not lit properly – cold lighting is useful for grooming purposes, but can feel hostile. Installing task-lighting above your mirror can make your bathroom more useable, while a dimmable LED bulb overhead could allow you to change the mood to your liking.

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