The Ultimate Health Retreat in the Alps

The Ultimate Health Retreat in the Alps

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 2 February 2024 | Events & Invites, Health & Fitness

Press the reset button for the ultimate fresh start.

Are you weary from the winter grind? Facing tough decisions or yearning to break old patterns? Our retreat is design to help you embrace a new beginning by reconnecting with your senses and wonders of nature.

Come and join us from the 05-05-24 to 10-05-24 , in the French alps , near Morzine.


Engage in revitalising yoga sessions to harmonise your body and spirit. Delve into cognitive exercises that provide the mental space to focus on you, and only you. Enjoy nourishing meals that rejuvenate your mind and body. And yes, shout from the mountain tops to release your inner voice.

Escape to the serene beauty of Les Portes Du Soleil’s magical mountain range, where our inviting chalet is nestled in the enchanting valley of Morzine.


A short stroll to the town centre and a breath taking walk to the captivating Lac Montriond, our retreat offers the perfect Blend of tranquillity and adventure .

As spring graces the mountains with blossoms in May, our retreat is your opportunity to awaken your body and mind, bidding farewell to the past and embracing a fresh, vibrant future.



A tailored programme created for a small group of women, aged over 40. Designed by a team of wellness professionals.

Daily, morning and evening Yoga sessions, taught by Sandra a Hatha & Yin Yoga teacher. Classes include mindfulness and crystal singing bowl meditations.



Daily group sessions using CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), facilitated by Alex, a Psychotherapist. Sessions are designed to achieve awareness of thoughts and feelings, and how they drive current moods and behaviour.

A creative and science-based nature programme run by Pina, a nature Psychotherapist. These include walks, forest bathing and nature therapy.


The idea is to connect with nature to bring the body and mind to the ‘rest and restore’ position.

Nutritious meals created and cooked by our very own natural chef and nutritionist, Dr Sharon Pitt, to support women’s health. The focus is on the relationship between food and hormone health, along with educational sessions about the impact of diet on perimenopause and menopause.


What you waiting for? It’s time to join five other women on their mind & body’s ultimate fresh start.

We promise it won’t cost the earth, but it could change your world.

When: 05-05-24 to 10-05-24
Where: Morzine, French alps.
For more information or a gentle chat to learn more.
Instagram: @aliveinthealps

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