Who Invented Homework: Dive into History Spin

Who Invented Homework: Dive into History Spin

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Who Invented Homework

Let’s delve into the imaginary situation. If you could choose a person to award a Nobel prize to, which one would you vote for? You have two choices:

  1. a person who invented the first mobile phone
  2. a person who invented homework

Your answer is predictable: the first one. The choice is apparent, as students who like doing homework are so rare like the Amur leopards. It’s difficult to find a person who does love homework, instead of doing something pleasant and satisfying. Sometimes you feel like you could go into a rage when your friend is calling, but you haven’t finished your assignments yet. Yet you can still enjoy pleasant activities, rely on experts at https://domyhomework123.com, and go outside with your friends.

Who Created School And Homework

You will probably be disappointed, but nobody can tell with certainty whether it has Greek or Roman roots, as well as determine the exact date of the first assignment. Both of these ancient civilizations used to study outside of formal lessons, and a modern school still has homework as a tool for studying.

One important figure of ancient Greece was Plato who founded the Academy in Athens around 387 BCE. While it wasn’t a school in the modern sense, it was a place where students could engage in philosophical and scientific discussions.

The British Library has an interesting exhibition of written documents and tools employed in writing in ancient times, and one of them is a tablet. In Antiquity were widely used wax and wooden tablets for writing.

In the 7th century, the Greeks established a settlement in Egypt, where one of the oldest tablets was discovered. On the top side of it, you can find a sentence written by the teacher in Greek, while below the same words written by some students.

These items became prevalent during the Roman Empire, with numerous examples surviving from Egypt to Britain. Following this link you will find much more interesting information about education in ancient Greece.

In short, this evidence confirms that education and teaching have an ancient history, but despite facts and proofs already found, it’s impossible to identify who created school and homework.

It’s obvious that the modern school system didn’t appear in one day and was developed over time. This complex historical process was influenced by many outstanding figures and cultures of the past.

Why Was Homework Invented

The answer to why was homework invented can be found below. In ancient Rome, for the first time, home exercises were assigned to one brilliant student by a tutor named Octavius. After the lesson on Cicero’s speeches, Marcus received a task to write an essay on the virtues of Roman citizenship. Marcus worked all night long eager to showcase his knowledge. The next day a completed essay was presented to his tutor. In that moment Octavius realized that hard and endless work will bring a successful result.

A prominent ancient Greek teacher and orator, Isocrates also asked his students to refine their rhetorical skills through various exercises and practical applications.

In the 18th century, French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau suggested that children should learn through direct experience rather than through classroom teaching. It could not be called homework in the sense of how you understand it now. But children had to discover nature outside the classroom. Reading this article, you will find out more facts about him.

The oldest homework consisted of drawings, poem writing, and math problems. But modern homework includes many more assignments.

Disadvantages of doing Homework

But what about the disadvantages of doing homework? Let’s look at some of them:

  • Absorb time: home assignments serve to consolidate knowledge. However, doing homework takes your free time, which you could spend in another way. Sometimes teachers seem to forget about activities outside the school: sports, art, or music. All these scholarly activities are ignored by professors, but having hobbies and doing sports is as important as learning.
  • Inequality: different tasks do not feel the same for everybody. Yet, it is not considered the fact of different levels of preparation and bravery of each student. As a result, for some students doing one kind of exercise can be easy and fast, but somebody else could have difficulties with it.
  • Individual potential: one more important thing, ignored by teachers sometimes, is learning preferences. It means that students have individual preferences in solving problems, approaching learning tasks, and using specific strategies. Teachers expect concentration, reflection, and attention without taking into consideration the individuality of each student.

As you can see, some moments in doing homework could be improved, and the teachers of the future aim to eliminate doing homework. Yet, the teachers in the past were very strict and inflexible so you should be happy you meet modern teachers.

Homework Help

Nowadays, if you have problems with homework, you can always find help quickly. It must be said that students who can ask for homework help from parents are privileged. Those who don’t have this opportunity should look through sources available on the Internet.

When you are simply overwhelmed with different tasks and you understand that time to the end of submission is limited, you can seek help from professionals. The technology has many advantages, and one of them is a service for doing homework, provided by different websites. It’s a fast way to resolve your troubles.  If you try it once, you will understand how much time you can save, as professionals will do your homework and will hand it in by the deadline.

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