wimbledon bookfest

wimbledon bookfest

Eyes of Lady Wimbledon
11 October 2019
Lady W’s Wimbledon Times Spotlight

Making the most of rainy autumn days with Lady Wimbledon. Read about our culture hub in Lady W's Wimbledon Times Spotlight online or pick up the print version in and around...

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Wimbledon Kids
4 October 2019
Posted by Wimbledon Kids
Lily Bailey on OCD at Wimbledon BookFest 2019

Author Lily Bailey speaks candidly about OCD, the subject of her illuminating new book, as she prepares to appear at Wimbledon BookFest 2019.

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Janie Smith
30 September 2019
Posted by Janie Smith
Louise Doughty at Wimbledon BookFest 2019

Janie Smith, Culture Editor at Lady Wimbledon, interviewed Award winning writer Louise Doughty as she prepares to appear at Wimbledon Bookfest.

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Eyes of Lady Wimbledon
12 March 2019
Wimbledon BookFest’s Spring Weekend Festival

Wimbledon BookFest presents inaugural Spring Weekend Festival.

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Eyes of Lady Wimbledon
8 October 2018
Bloody Brilliant Women by Cathy Newman

Cathy Newman launches Bloody Brilliant Women book tour at Wimbledon Bookfest and it's a full house.

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Flora Firth
23 October 2017
Posted by Flora Firth
Liz Earle On The Foods That Make Us Happier

Feel-Good Flora chats to Wellbeing Entrepreneur, Liz Earle MBE, about how our happiness is linked to the foods we eat.

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Matthew Carlton
14 October 2017
Posted by Matthew Carlton
Interview With Chris Boardman For Wimbledon BookFest

Our Wimbledon Gent, Matthew Carlton speaks to Olympic gold medalist Chris Boardman, about his new book and how to get into cycling.

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Matthew Carlton
9 October 2017
Posted by Matthew Carlton
Interview With Judy Murray For Wimbledon Bookfest

As part of Wimbledon BookFest, our Wimbledon Gent speaks to Judy Murray about tennis in your 30s and her new book, Knowing the Score.

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Becca Gray
5 October 2017
Posted by Becca Gray
Interview With Liz Earle

Beauty blogger Becca Gray speaks to Liz Earle to get the lowdown on skin secrets and her new book The Good Gut Guide.

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Karine Torr, Darling Magazine
13 July 2017
Book Talk With John McEnroe

Legendary tennis star John McEnroe in conversation with John Inverdale at King's College School, discussing his new book But Seriously - a long awaited follow-up to the international bestseller Serious.

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