Pandora Christie talks Halloween

Pandora Christie talks Halloween

Posted by Tyrun McPherson | 22 October 2000 | What's On

In the lead up to Lady Wimbledon’s Halloween Boo bash, celebrity journalist Angela Sara West had an exclusive chat this week  with Heart FM presenter and DJ Pandora Christie.

Pandora Christie, Heart FM Presenter & DJ – Insta: @pandorapresenter

Written by Celebrity Journalist: Angela Sara West
Follow: @angela_sara_west


 What do you love about Halloween?  

 I’m a big horror fan… I love scary films, haunted houses, ghost walks, the lot… I’m also a big kid at heart, so with Halloween I love to go all out and get fully involved! It’s all about the dressing up, having fun and playing tricks on my friends.

What spooks you?  

 Paranormal activity … the thought that ghosts/spirits are travelling all around us all the time and we don’t even know… it freaks me out big time! 

 Which are your favourite spooky characters?  

 Freddy Krueger was my childhood favourite… I was super scared of this guy who could get you in your dreams, and boy, did his looks frighten me. I also loved Kayako, the ghost in The Grudge. After I first watched it, I jumped at every sound in the house! 

 What are your childhood memories of Halloween?  

 I always used to go trick or treating with my best friends and my neighbours at Halloween. We used to knock on every door of our estate and all the kids were dressed up. Sometimes, the adults would open the door in full costume, scaring us. I remember this one occasion when, as we knocked on a door, we realised it was already ajar and when we pushed it a bucket of fake rubber spiders fell on us. We all dropped our candy and ran home! I am still scared of spiders to this day. If I had children I would want my house to be the scariest one on the street. I would dress it up with pumpkins, werewolves and ghosts!  

 What will you be up to this Halloween?  

 I’m throwing a spooky party. Everyone has to dress up and bring sweets. I’ve already made a spooky playlist for the night, and we’ll all be making toffee apples! I’m going to be dressing up as an evil jester this year and I can’t wait!!!! 


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