Elite Sport Injury to Wimbledon Village Rehab Clinic

Elite Sport Injury to Wimbledon Village Rehab Clinic

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 2 June 2016 | Health & Fitness
Jemma Oliver

Jemma Oliver

Having worked in elite sport for the past 8 years, I have gained the most remarkable experiences and continue to do so.

I started as a clinical director of Rehabilit8 at Fit8 studios in the heart of Wimbledon Village in October 2015. My vision was to set up a Rehabilitation environment using everything I have learned throughout my career in elite sport.

Based on my experience we know that rehabilitation works, and as a private physio I don’t think we utilize this concept nearly enough. My expertise has been built through some undeniably exciting challenges – from working with the GB Bobsleigh Team in snow, ice and freezing temperatures, to the GB Volleyball Team at the London 2012 Olympics. Experience with athletes in cycling, basketball, hockey and many other sports has propelled me to transfer my rehabilitation skills to the general population of Wimbledon who are crying out for this conceptual approach.

Glasgow Commonwealth Games / Team England

Glasgow Commonwealth Games – Team England

My current work with England and British Athletics allows me to work with amazing coaches and athletes with infectious passion. I want to bring this into my Wimbledon Rehabilit8 clinic. Watching these athletes perform and compete in Rio this summer after years of hard work is one of the reasons why I have so much passion and love for my job!

Fit8 uses a combined approach of functional training focusing on prescriptive exercises and rehabilitation to enable every client reach their fitness and Rehab goals in an enjoyable, bespoke and professional training environment.

I am currently working with a Junior Tennis Player who, following some acute ankle surgery in November, has returned with our help to smash some recent tournaments and take her ranking from 132 to 28 in the ITF junior world rankings. She is presently playing the Junior French Open and won her first round of qualifying yesterday. She has now gained direct entry into the Junior Wimbledon Championships and I am proud to have been a part of her continued journey to be a professional tennis player.

Jemma Oliver British Athletics Physio - European Competition

Jemma Oliver, British Athletics Physio – European Competition

Fit8 and our Rehabilit8 clinic take pride in a bespoke and individualised approached using functional and Rehabilitation techniques for each and every client we have contact with. The combination of my elite sport  background, decades of experience within our team and an unrivaled passion for what we do means our presence in Wimbledon Village brings a value like no other.

Visit: fit8.co.uk
Follow: @jemjemoliver

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