Lady Wimbledon PIMM’S – The Cocktail is Born!

Lady Wimbledon PIMM’S – The Cocktail is Born!

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 4 July 2016 | Food & Drink

There’s no getting away from it…alcohol is fattening – a killer combination of calories and carbs (residual sugars from the fermenting process). And with bikini season soon upon us, the gorgeous women of Wimbledon are the first to be keeping an eye on their waistlines – not an easy feat when the whole place is buzzing with great bars and restaurants.

While we are all encouraged to hit the gym and dine out on carb-free dinners and dubious green juices, we can’t even console ourselves with a guilt-free bottle of wine without piling on the pounds. Go to the NHS Direct website, and you’ll read that a 175ml glass of wine contains as many calories as a slice of cake. Cocktail enthusiasts won’t thank us to learn that the gorgeous Long Island Iced Tea ratchets up a staggering 780 calories (plus the carb equivalent of the cheeseburgers we’re trying to avoid!).The infamous Pina Colada, averages 644 calories (coconut milk being the killer in that one) and even the humble British pint can weigh in at a thigh wobbling 200 calories.

But let’s face it – our beloved English summer is far too short to deprive ourselves of the good things in life, and especially with Wimbledon tennis fortnight to celebrate. The bars and restaurants of SW19 are the place to see and be seen, and nowhere more so than Hemingways Lounge Bar in the Village – purveyors of some of the finest cocktails around, and now it’s THE place to try out our very own ‘Lady Wimbledon’ Skinny Pimm’s – concocted from a secret blend of delicious ingredients (we hear it may contain a smidgeon of Organic Fair Quinoa Vodka!) and weighing in at only 118 calories a glass (as opposed to the usual 174).

What’s not to like? Grab yours now and tell us what you think – only available until the end of July.

Lady_wimbledon pimms

By Samantha Hazlehurst (The Writing Company) 
Follow: @thewritingco 

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