Baby it’s Cold Outside! Time to Warm up in Wimbledon…

Baby it’s Cold Outside! Time to Warm up in Wimbledon…

Posted by Helene Arentz | 19 December 2016 | Home & Garden

Feeling the chill? Cosy up in January, with cuppa in front of a warm and inviting fireplace and enjoy the inspiring surroundings.

Here are some hints about where to find the warmest of welcomes…in Wimbledon.

While enjoying a nice cup of coffee I admire the classic stone with its dappled grey effect and start to create a natural and calm colour palette in my head – simple, muted and atmospheric. No doubt that surroundings influence your senses. At Hotel du Vin – Cannizaro House you are undeniably presented to pleasurable impressions along with your warm drink.


Cannizaro House. Photo by Splento.

Photo by Splento.

Cannizaro House. Photo by Splento.

The scheme of materials and colours work perfectly for any season.

With a mix of traditional chairs, various textures and warming colours, The Crooked Billet gives you a relaxed feel. Situated on the Common this is spot on; a country look with rustic beams and a fresh mix of traditional materials and colours. Bring a book and enjoy the atmosphere and the open fire, it will calm you down. I Promise!


The Crooked Billet. Photo by Splento.

I must admit I’m not that thirsty anymore after having two large coffees already this morning, but can’t resist another temptation. This time I indulge myself into a velvet comfy sofa with a proper Cappuccino. Another place, so different from the previous, but again I felt very pleased. At The Dog & Fox you can literally sit next to the fire and feel as though it’s your own sheltered area. You will warm up immediately for sure. You can enjoy the sophisticated fireplace and the beautifully layered furnishing just long enough to find the strength to throw yourself out there again.


The Dog & Fox. Photo by Splento.

By our Home & Garden Blogger, Helene Arentz.

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