For the Love of Coconut Oil

For the Love of Coconut Oil

Posted by Becca Gray | 3 February 2017 | Health & Fitness

So you have probably all heard the hype about coconut oil and how it can literally be used for everything, well here are my top tips on how to use it for beauty purposes.


For your Hair

Coconut oil was first introduced to me by a good friend whose mother is Indian, in Indian culture coconut oil is used as a hair treatment, the hair is covered in oil which is then left on over night or even for a couple of days. At first I was not so sure to try this myself but as my friend has the shiniest, healthiest hair out of all my friends I thought I would try it. I scooped the coconut oil out and applied it to my hair which turns into liquid when used, and covered it all over. This is not a good look – greasy and smelly! But I persevered and wrapped my hair in a towel when I went to sleep, the next morning I washed and blow dried my hair as normal. I really could notice the difference, my hair felt softer and looked so much shinier! I have been hooked ever since, and do this about once a month to give my hair a boost.

If this sounds a little bit messy you can try Mauli Grow Strong Hair Oil from Space NK, which contains coconut oil and other essential oils, and comes with a specially designed bottle so you can easily apply a couple of drops to the roots of your hair.


For your Cuticles, Lips and Body

In my first blog I talked about how much I love oils for your skin. Well coconut oil is the same, and it’s absolutely amazing for your cuticles. Rub in a small amount daily (ideally before bed so it has time soak in) this will be great for softening your cuticles and will also help to strengthen your nails.

At Fashion Week they often give out mini tubs of coconut oil and the models will use it straight out the tub as lip balm. This makes for a cheap lip balm and contains no chemicals like many others do.


I love coconut oil for all of the body but find it too thick to apply straight to the skin, this is why I love Palmers Coconut Body Oil Formula. It dissolves into the skin so easily and will leave it feeling hydrated and smooth all day. Plus it is only £6.99 for this bottle, which will last you ages.


For your Teeth

You may have heard of ‘Coconut Oil Pulling’ this is a technique used in Ayurvedic medicine to remove bacteria and clean your teeth and gums. I first heard about it at a yoga retreat a few years ago and it is becoming more and more popular. Full instructions can be found online, but basically all you have to do is ‘swish’ coconut around in your mouth for 10 – 20 minutes every morning. I personally am not a fan, usually because I wake up hungry or wanting a cup of tea and have to run around getting ready for the school run and work. So I have found a great alternative with Sister & Co Raw Coconut & Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Polish available from Space NK.


P.S. I also love eating coconut oil and my favourite recipe is so simple and so easy! Try it yourself… just cut up sweet potato into wedges, add a big dollop of coconut oil, sprinkle on sea salt and a little dash of paprika. Cook in the oven on a medium heat for an hour, until soft on the inside and crispy on the edges = so yummy and also healthy!

By our Beauty Blogger Becca Gray

Twitter: @Becca_GrayXx
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