The Perfect Tan

The Perfect Tan

Posted by Becca Gray | 28 April 2017 | Beauty, Health & Fitness, Style & Beauty

If there is one thing you should be wearing this Bank Holiday weekend it is a fake tan! The sun appeared in Wimbledon a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately left just as quick, however that still left us in the mood for summer. But don’t worry you can keep that summer vibe going with a fake tan, and wear it over the weekend to any BBQ or party you are attending.

I have a tan pretty much the whole year round (to the point where if I don’t, people actually ask if i’m ill!) yes this is high maintenance but it is manageable using a variety of the following 4 products. A tan will make you feel half a stone lighter and so much healthier, plus cover up those blemishes and give you a glow, so you will save less time applying your makeup in the mornings.

My favourite type of fake tan is a spray tan and my chosen brand is Sienna-X, you can choose from light, medium or dark and it works with your own skin tones to give you a natural look. The process takes less than half an hour and it really is instant happiness!. I do them for clients in my Beauty Room and everyone loves them, it is the same look that is achieved from lying on the beach for hours. You do have to follow instructions so I have mentioned these below in case you are interested in getting one done.

My next option is the St. Tropez Gradual Tan. This is what I used the whole time before the spray tan came along. I would apply layers and layers and walk around in my underwear all day before a night out waiting for it to dry – anyone else remember doing that? Really hope it’s not just me! I still use it now if I need a quick top up, if my spray tan is faded and I need a little extra boost. Make sure you choose light or dark depending on your skin colour. As it is a moisturiser it is much easier to apply than a lot of the other tanning products out there but do be careful and always use a baby wipe to clean the inside of your hands.

I always protect my face from the sun as I do not want wrinkles! This does mean that in the summer my face can look too pale compared to my body, this is where I absolutely love and rely on Garnier’s Ambre Solaire Face Mist. This is so easy to use, at bedtime you spray on to your face and by morning your tan has developed. Again I would start lightly and build up slowly. This is great when you have a spray tan as your face will fade much quicker than the rest of your body so you can use this to top up your own tan.

If fake tan is way to scary for you, then don’t worry you can still get the sun kissed look this weekend with adding bronzer to your makeup routine. I personally love Givenchy’s Bronzer as it is not too shimmery like many are, which can look more like glitter than a sun kissed glow. Apply to your cheekbones and give a dusting over your nose and top of the forehead and chin, all the areas that the sun would naturally touch first. You can also use a big soft brush to brush lightly on to your neck to give the illusion of a tan.

Be brave this weekend and bring some sunshine to Wimbledon even if the weather isn’t saying the same thing!

Read below if you would like details on how to get the perfect spray tan.


* Exfoliate! paying particular attention to elbows, knees, ankles, and any particularly dry areas.

* Wax/ shave at least 24 hours prior to treatment to allow pores to close

* Do not moisturise or use skin lotions on the day of your tan.

* Remove make-up, deodorant, lotions, etc before your tan.


* Bring and wear dark loose clothing for after your treatment, any tight clothing or underwear may cause wear marks.

* Do not shower/bathe or exercise/swim for at least 8 hours and try not to touch your body as much as possible.

* After you shower – pat dry only and then use lots and lots of moisturiser!

By Our Beauty Blogger Becca Gray

Twitter: @Becca_GrayXx
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