Gorgeous Met Gala 2017 Makeup Trends

Gorgeous Met Gala 2017 Makeup Trends

Posted by Becca Gray | 5 May 2017 | Beauty, Health & Fitness, Style & Beauty

This week we saw the Met Gala in New York take over the internet! Gorgeous faces and bodies filled our social media timelines showing off the latest trends in fashion and beauty.

One look that was seen in a variety of styles was the return of black eyeliner. Eyeliner has taken a back seat recently, as the red lip has been leading the way. But after the Met Gala I definitely think it will be making a comeback. See below my different ways of how to recreate the look yourself.

gigi met gala

Gigi Hadid opted for a 60s vibe liner. The traditional 60s flick has a gap in between, and it’s a really flattering look as using the lighter areas will accentuate the eye, making the eye appear bigger.

candice-swanepoel met gala

Candice Swanepoel is wearing the heaviest liner, this is the most extreme so only choose this look if you are confident with wearing eyeliner. It also suits larger eyes, as if you have small eyes it will look too heavy and make the eye look smaller.

met-gala-red-carpet lily depp

Lily Rose Depp has a more delicate option which frames the eye. Don’t go to heavy as this will actually close the eye in and make it look smaller. Always make sure the flick on the outer corner extends upwards, as this will help accentuate the eye.

So how do we recreate the black flick look at home? This is one of the questions I get asked most often and my answer is unfortunately ‘a lot of practice!’ Practice is key to creating the perfect flick!

My favourite product to create the perfect black flick is the MAC Penultimate Eyeliner – this is the easiest eyeliner to recreate this look. If you want to go for a heavy version of the flick then I would recommend using a liquid liner and brush, but this is trickier so the pen is a great place to start. It’s very fine so you can get the thin point on the ends. Start with a very thin line and build up slowly, checking in the mirror to make sure each eye is equal. Try to pull the skin taut, as this will stop the skin from creasing and you won’t getting any bumps in the liner.

MAC penultimate eyeliner

If you find you get an imprint on the liner on the socket of your eyelid then try using a translucent powder, blot all over the eyelid and make sure it’s lighter over the eyeliner. This should take away any moisture and hold the liner in place.

If this sounds too tricky then the easiest product to use is a pencil eyeliner. L’Oréal do an amazing range of pencils because they all have a blender on the end. This way your line does not have to be perfect but can be blended to create that soft smokey look.

Complete the look with lots of mascara and a nude lip.

If you would like to have a one-to-one makeup lesson to learn how to create a full makeup range you can book a private or group lesson with me.

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